Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Weekend at Bay View

So, this Easter weekend when the workers have two Bank Holidays tagged onto their weekend we had planned to go and spend the holidays in our caravan in its new home, Bay View.  Unfortunately the wickedly cold weather we’ve been having made us all think twice and we decided the nights would still be far too cold to spend in a van.  The days are glorious but the nights are a different matter.  However we did go up there yesterday to give it an airing and a spring clean.  Caroline and I did what we could (which truthfully was very little) then William set to with a bucket of hot soapy water to wash down the exterior of the van and after standing all winter and being towed up the motorway a wash down was definitely needed.  Caroline and I offered our help in this task but it was rejected so guilt free we happily went for a walk.


Leaving the caravan park behind…


..this is the view in front of us.  It looks across the salt marshes and bay to Cumbria with its snow topped hills in the distance.  We intend to spend a lot of time in and amongst those hills this year taking in all that the spectacularly beautiful Lake District has to offer.


Turning left there’s a path which we followed.


Charlie was with us, of course.


Passing this pristine farmhouse along the way.


And ending up at Bay View Garden Centre where Caroline found a little garden table and chairs set that she fancied.


On the way back after a lot of scooting and having fun, Charlie sat down and said he needed a break! 


He also needed to see what was over the other side of this dry stone wall.


Caroline and Charlie ventured down onto the salt marshes for a bit of a ramble.  



Bay View is a relatively new site and there are still several mobile homes for sale.  We peered through the windows of a few.  The lucky owners of these homes will have a superb view of the setting sun each night. 

The stone building on the left is one of the original farm buildings and inside it houses the bar/cafe/restaurant/kids playroom etc.


And yesterday this roaring fire was a welcome sight.


Here’s another view of it.  I took this picture in early February when William and I had a drive up there one Sunday afternoon.

We finished the day off with a drink in here and then headed down the motorway for the just over an hour long ride home.  I’m sure we’re going to have lots of good times at Bay View.  Now if only spring would arrive!



Debbie said...

What a wonderful place and way to retreat! I would love something like that.

Victoria said...

It looks like a good site. Wouldn't mind a static caravan myself! xx