Saturday, 27 September 2014

Coniston Water

Time is getting short now for our weekends at Bay View.  The season closes on 1st November so we are doing our best to make the most of the time we have left.  With that in mind last Friday night Caroline, Charlie, George and I loaded up the car and zoomed off up the motorway to spend the weekend in our little bolt hole.

For Saturday’s entertainment Caroline suggested a trip up to Coniston Water.  It being a superb suggestion I agreed without hesitation knowing that we were in for a good day.


It’s a gorgeous drive from Bay View up to Coniston and takes about 50 minutes.  Not too far at all so it wasn’t long before the lake came into view and we pulled off the road, grabbed our picnic and scrambled down the banking to the lake shore.


George climbed up high to eat.



Charlie perched  on a rock like a cute little pixie while he ate his snack.


It wasn’t long though before he climbed up and joined George on his perch.


The weather had that lovely crispy autumn feel. The boys played with whatever came to hand while ..


.. Caroline took some pics with her iPhone...


..including this one of me taking one of her.  I was very amused as you can see.


George and his aunty Caroline enjoyed a little chat.


Soon after, we drove further up the lake to the main touristy part of the lake shore. 


There’s a cafe here, boats and canoes for hire and cruisers to take you up and down the lake.


Here’s the steamer setting off on a tour of the lake.  The sky looks ever so dark and foreboding but it wasn’t like that for very long.  It really was a nice day.


There is nowhere in the Lake District that isn’t beautiful and there is no season when it isn’t a joy to be there but autumn has a magic all it’s own and I love it.  The image above was taken by Caroline.  Beautiful.  No other word for it.


George was the first to get his feet wet. 


The boys had a whale of a time in and amongst ..


.. and up the trees which surround the lake.


Turn your back to the lake, peer through the trees and there are tremendous views like this of the Cumbrian mountains.


Time was marching on by this stage but there was a little time left yet for more fun on the water and wet feet.

DSC_4743b DSC_4746b DSC_4747b

Yep, despite the helping hand and the stick to steady him, Charlie’s right foot got wet through.  The other one just got wet!  Then it really was time for home.


One last pic before I go.  Isn’t that a whopper?!!

Counting my blessings,


Monday, 22 September 2014

Blackberrying With Charlie

Saturday before last was a lovely sunny September day.  I’m loving this mild and sunny September weather we’re having and now there’s a crispness in the air heralding autumn is on its way (tomorrow to be exact).  Which is good.  What’s not to love about autumn?

So what better way to pass the time than get out in that sunny weather and fresh air and collect some blackberries.  I must confess blackberrying is not something that I’ve ever done more than a handful of times but I knew that Charlie would want to do it.  He and his mummy went out collecting some last year and he loved it.


I had asked Victoria and her crew to come with us but they were all engaged in other activities.  Caroline and Trev were working.


So grandad, Charlie and I headed for the lake where we knew the blackberries were ripe for the taking and we all three got stuck in.


Charlie took it very seriously and worked hard filling his tub.


After a little while he took a breather…


  … and took in the view.


He also took great delight in pinching my tub of berries when I put them down to snap a picture and poured them into his tub!  He thought that was hilarious – the little  monkey!

DSC_4654b DSC_4656b

It’s a lot of fun but it’s hard work too.


All that bending and stretching.


So after quite some time we called  it a day and decided we’d got enough and had had enough!  It’s difficult to know when to stop though.  Every time you think that’s the last one you stand up straight, stretch your back, then spy another big fat juicy blackberry that you can’t possibly ignore and that one finds its way into your tub.  Stand up straight and again same thing - another big fat juicy one is calling out ”don’t leave me"!” 


Eventually we made the break and set off for home at a leisurely pace.


Via the park.


Down the path.


Alongside the stream, through Ealees.


I couldn’t wait to weigh our haul of nature’s bounty.  4lbs! – and every ounce packed with carefree fun and happy memories!

Apple and blackberry crumble never tasted so good!


Saturday, 13 September 2014

August Bundled Up.

September is well and truly here and I still haven’t posted all of August’s family doings.  So here is the rest of August in one bundle.

Over the last few weeks now William has been doing a fair bit of painting and decorating at Caroline’s house. Being retired is a hectic business for some and that’s the way William likes it. So decorating at Caroline’s house has been his choice and, what’s more, fun for him! To show their appreciation Caroline and Trev took us out for a meal to The Shepherd's Rest.IMG_4915_edited-1b

My beautiful daughter, sweet Caroline.  (Remember that song?).


After the meal I snapped this lovely picture of Caroline and the men in her life.


And a fun pic with the other man in Caroline’s life. 

We had a lovely time and the meal was excellent too.  Will definitely eat there again and when my American sister and her husband next come home for a visit The Shepherd’s Rest will certainly be on the list of places to take them.


Nicholas and Charlie stayed overnight with us just before school started back.  They made their own “breakfast”.


The weekend before last Caroline, Charlie and I took Nicholas up to Bay View.  Once again the weather was good and the boys played out a lot.


Climbed some.  Yes, Nicholas.  That is a long way down. 


Built a dam.  Getting wet feet is just par for the course.

IMG_4983b IMG_4984b

And making a bridge over a ditch?  All under the umbrella of fun for little boys.


Beautiful twilight over the Kent Estuary as we walked back to the caravan.


And a magnificent sunset!



The day after a visit to Gibraltar Farm for an ice cream. 


With this view stretched out before us.  I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 and have discovered the joy of using the pano function.  What joy!  I’m now hooked on panoramic photos.

IMG_4850bLoss is Eternal

This poignant, sorrowful World War I  commemorative sand sculpture is in the grounds of Hebden Bridge Town Hall.  It’s an amazing work of art and larger than life size.  Follow this link to find out more about it.

I think that just about wraps August up and already I have memories stacked up waiting to be preserved as we roll into September with an Indian Summer.  How lucky are we? Very!