Thursday, 12 November 2015

Deer at Dunham Massey Hall

Just a few quick photos from a sunny, summer’s day back in June when William and I, together with John and Lesley had a ride out to Dunham Massey for a visit to the National Trust property of Dunham Massey Hall. We had visited this property several years ago but couldn’t really remember much about it, so being the proud owners of a NT Membership, decided the time was right for another visit.

800px-Dunham_Massey_Hall_50mm_July_2013 Picture from Wikipedia

The hall in red brick and perfect in its symmetry is very pleasing to the eye.  To my eye anyway!


That’s William up there on the left and John and Lesley standing under the archway. 


And in front of the archway is this moat.  Very pretty entrance for sure. 


During WWI Dunham Massey became a military hospital, The Stamford Military Hospital, and to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War the National Trust undertook to recreate the hospital as it was in those dark days.  As part of the project actors staged little playlets re-enacting daily life in the hospital. 


On entering the Hall visitors were told not to approach the actors but instead were asked to treat them like ghosts who could not see us. It all made for a more interesting and atmospheric recreation of those sad times.  Very well done I thought.


Deer roam freely at Dunham Massey. 


I knew this fact but I didn’t realise just how close up and personal they came to the public!


All very relaxed too and not one bit bothered by the strolling, staring public.


Talking about relaxed.  We all four were totally relaxed on such a lovely day and enjoyed a picnic in glorious sunshine.



Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The One Where George Climbs a Wall

It seems a good while ago now but back in June George came up to Bay View with his Grandad and me for the weekend. 


When at Bay View one of the things we all like to do is walk down to Archer’s Cafe for breakfast (I know I must’ve said this a time or two in previous posts but it’s so true - we love going down to Archer’s for breakfast.  There I’ve said it again!) and to do this was definitely on George’s wishlist.  Archer’s Cafe is up there in the distance at the tip of that wooded headland, not too far.


The walk takes about 30 minutes or so and takes in plenty of pretty scenery.


   Look at this handsome boy, twelve years old now and very nearly as tall as I am!


A beautiful day meant breakfast was taken al fresco.  Always the best way in my book.


This is the view in front of the cafe, it looks over to the glorious landscape of The Lake District in the distance.


Sunday we drove round to Arnside where George saw this wall...


.. and immediately decided to climb it!


Just like that.


No hesitation and hey presto, there he was at the top!


Once he’d started this caper he couldn’t stop and promptly scaled the wall again.  About this time I told him to quit while he was winning.  There was no way I wanted to take him home to his mother with a leg in plaster! 


As day turned into evening we all strolled down to the campsite bar/restaurant where George played a game or two of pool with Grandad.  I have never, ever been any good at this kind of game so I sat and watched and sipped a drink while the boys played.  And in this fashion the we happily whiled the night away.


The weekend had been a fun one and was over before we knew it but not before I snapped this smashing pic of my biggest Little Treasure.  #timepleasestoppassingbysoquickly

Until next time,


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Dip in the Irish Sea

I have been very sloppy over the last few months and just haven’t felt like editing photos and blogging but I seem to be coming out of the doldrums and the need to save our memories for posterity has come over me again and today I’m posting lots (I couldn’t decide which to include and which to leave out so I went with lots) of photos from a day at the seaside earlier this month.   My elder daughter Victoria reached one of those big milestone birthdays and as a birthday treat she and her husband Gary took off for a weekend in Windermere minus the boys.  The boys stayed at our house and on the Saturday Caroline and I took all three boys for a day by the sea.  Happily the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was picnic, ice-cream and good old bucket and spade weather all the way.



Picnic consumed the boys couldn’t wait to play at the splash park on Cleveleys front.   


The mandatory ice-cream.


Next up was the skate park.  Nicholas watched and studied how George went over the top of this steep drop..


.. but he couldn’t quite let himself go over the edge.  He is only eight though.  He’ll do it next time.


Charlie got in on the act too.DSC_5828b

By this time the tide had receded and the boys were able to go down onto the sand.


I think it’s safe to say buckets and spades will never go out of fashion. 


Digging holes until they fill with water just has to be done.


George came up with a game to play on the sand involving circles with scores inside and stones.


Simple but fun and played with serious determination by all to be the winner too!


Then it was back to digging.


And before the day was over a paddle in the Irish Sea.

A fun day.  A day like many before it and hopefully like many more to come.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Beer, East Devon 2015

Some years ago when the girls were aged 8 and 12 we took a family holiday down to Devon.  All those years ago, not knowing the area very well, we rented a lovely house in a little village called Colyton.  It was a couple of miles inland but ideally situated for exploring the east Devon coast.  We visited several seaside towns but Beer was the one that stole our hearts.


Especially when we discovered this caravan park perched high atop Beer Head with its magnificent views of the sea and coastline.  This image is taken from Seaton beach.


The next year we rented a caravan up there on the cliff top and the rest is history.  Beer Head Caravan Park soon became the place where we holidayed year in and year out.  We holidayed other places too but Beer was where we always came back to, and still do.  We love the place.  The arrow points to Beer beach tucked away between the cliffs.

And so, on 23rd May after a gap of a couple or few years William and I set off on the 250 mile trip to take a week’s holiday in Beer.  To say we were looking forward to it is an understatement.


This time we stayed at Bay View Guest House, a beautiful B&B with lots to recommend it and having stayed there before we knew just how good it was.  One of its main attributes being its proximity to the seafront.  This was the view from our room.  We loved it!



The above two pics are of the guest’s lounge.  Pretty don’t you think?


As soon as we’d checked in and unpacked we made straight for the beach and a coffee…


… from one of the timeless beach cafes.


That first evening we had much yearned for fish ‘n’ chips for tea from Beer Chippy.  Beer Chippy sells the best fish and chips I have ever tasted.  We always eat them outdoors, never in the chippy restaurant, sitting on a bench close to the beach.


I love those white chalk cliffs, the squawking gulls, the crunch of pebbles underfoot and the sea gently crashing on those pebbles.  Oh, and let’s not forget the cream teas from the beach cafe, I love them too!


East Devon Council like most other councils up and down the country are plonking down “outdoor gyms” here there and everywhere.  I personally think they’re a waste of tax payers money but we the tax payers don’t get consulted on these matters do we?   Anyway, William gave this one in Beer a try one night and nearly did himself some damage!  Safe to say, he only tried it the one time.


It was so good to be back on Beer beach, it’s one of those places that really floats our boat!


And after a lazy day on the beach it can be a good idea to stop off at The Anchor Inn and enjoy a glass of cold ale in their beer garden.  So we did that a few times.  Or, if the sun has gone in a hot cup of coffee goes down just as well. 


Either way with this view it’s a pleasure.


Of an evening we took to strolling around Beer village (yes sir, we know how to live it up!) Our route would invariably take us up this lane, one of the many hilly lanes around dotted with quaint cottages and pretty gardens.


Then we would need to take a breather before setting off down to The Anchor beer garden for perhaps another thirst quenching glass of something black and cold.


Looks relaxed doesn’t he?  That’s what a week in Beer beside the sea will do for the soul. 

Of course we ventured out of Beer and visited other favourite spots and I intend to come back with that post very soon.