Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fun and Fresh Air

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that all three grandsons were coming to stay with us last night and by 2 o’clock yesterday they were all here.  I knew the best thing to pass the time away happily was for us all to be outdoors and not  cooped up in the house.


So fresh air it was and where better than Ealees.  It’s right on our doorstop and has everything we need.


The boys can run free  and find the ever-needed sticks to carry and throw around.   Note Charlie’s got his gun – he’s never without one.


A river.  They were warned not to get their feet wet, they didn’t have wellies on.


The visitor centre for an ice cream fix for the boys and coffee for the grownups.  After refreshments they played in the play area for a good while.  Granddad, not known for his patience, showed great patience waiting while the boys burned up energy on the climbing frames, swings etc. 


Then retracing our steps a couple of hours later we set off homeward bound.  As previously mentioned the boys had been warned not to get their feet wet.  I should have known  it was too good to last when we got to the end of the first half of the walk with three pairs of dry shoes.  Minutes after I snapped this picture of Nicholas he missed the stone he was aiming for and landed on his bottom instead.  Wet through!


Ordinarily it wouldn't have bothered him but he was a bit under the weather yesterday and when he picked himself up he covered his face and burst into tears.  I think the humiliation was more than he could bear.  Also, it doesn’t feel too good sitting fully clothed in freezing cold water does it?  I loved him better but it didn’t make his pants any drier for him, poor thing.


Safe to say there was no more water fun after that.


There was a whole gang of workers digging away and clearing the land the other side of the fence above.  It’ll be interesting to see what’s happening there.  My guess is it’s something to do with the big American style barn that the owners are wanting to build on the land there.


A bit of excitement on the way home.


A tractor and trailer passed us.  I know.  Heady stuff this!


Then this little soldier took the lead and it was left right left right the rest of the way home.



Victoria said...

Lovely pictures. Poor Nicholas, he asked to go to bed at 6.30pm tonight so he's still not feeling great. Thank you for haing them. xx

Ms.Daisy said...

The walk you took the boys on is one I would have loved to have taken with you. Beautiful countryside with creeks full of rocks and hills to climb! It looked like so much fun for your grandsons, too. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. Love having visitors.