Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The weather is …

…still a bit iffy round here but Victoria, Nicholas and I made it outdoors for a walk and some more of that good old fresh air this morning.DSC_4731 The new play area down at the nature reserve end  of the lake is finally finished and we really like it.  Nicholas loved it.  There’s not a swing or roundabout in sight and that’s fine.  This obstacle course is different and more challenging for little kids.  I can see we’ll be spending a lot of time here over the school summer holidays. 

DSC_4739Nicholas is so much like his daddy in looks and build, it’s scary.  I’m sure this is exactly what Gary would’ve looked like at three. 

DSC_4746This beautiful old cottage overlooks the lake and it’s yet another one of those houses I could live in.

Talking about holidays we’ll be spending two weeks in Devon very soon with the Williams’ and the Goodall’s will be off to Cornwall.   I’m looking forward to sitting on the beach reading and having the odd dip in the freezing cold sea.  Oh, and also eating the odd cream tea.  Billy is looking forward to trying his hand at sea-fishing for the first time this year, he recently bought some kit for a bargain price so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes on.  I know all three of my little treasures will be wanting to spend lots of time on the beach with their buckets and spades and if they’re all happy then all the adults will be happy.  So I hope this weather of ours sorts itself out and we’ll all be happy!



Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Is him happy?

Him is Nicholas’ giraffe.  One of those fabric comforter things children have these days.  Nicholas’ giraffe is three years old just like him.  He’s tatty and practically falling to bits and  Nicholas loves him.  Sadly he lost giraffe a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Ikea with his parents.  They searched high and low for him and asked at customer services if giraffe had been handed in but alas, the answer was no.  They had to go home without him.   Victoria rang the store a couple of times over the following weeks but still there was no sign of giraffe.

Nicholas would ask, out of the blue, “Is him happy?”  or ring Giraffe on his toy mobile and talk to him  and ask him if he was okay.  This little boy was missing his giraffe.


Now,  Ikea does have a lost property box and today we went back to the store to have a look in it.  Low and behold, there he was. Giraffe was waiting to be claimed and home he came with us!  So yes, today, him is very happy!


Friday, 16 July 2010

A little moan…


… about the weather.  We have gone from brilliant sunshine to what you see here.  Skies heavy with grey clouds and the constant threat of rain which doesn’t quite materialise enough to call off the hosepipe ban we are under in these parts.  This picture was taken from my living room window on Wednesday night in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm.  I’m not really complaining though, I love a good thunderstorm and we don’t get that many.DSC_4709Yesterday Victoria, Nicholas and I went to the lake for a little walk and some fresh air. Wrapped up against the elements, it was windy out there!  DSC_4711 However, we still sat outside the refreshments kiosk with a latte and admired the view.  Which isn’t bad, rain or shine!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Weekend Away and Portmeirion

We got back Monday night from a weekend in Wales staying William’s sister and her husband.  We always look forward to going to stay with Brenda and Arthur because we always, always have a good time with them.

We set off as planned at around one o’clock on Saturday afternoon when William came home from work. This in itself was a miracle because Victoria had asked me if I would put her hair colour on for her before I went and then Caroline rang at the last minute and asked if I would trim her hair for her before I went.  I managed to do both of these things and put my own hair colour on too, pack the suitcase and tidy the house all before William came home!

Anyway, onto the weekend.  On Sunday, as planned before our visit, Brenda and Arthur took us down to Portmeirion.  A place I had known about for a long time but had never ever visited.

DSC_4600We started the afternoon with the obligatory picnic.  There is something just so nice, for want of a better word, about eating a picnic lunch in the great outdoors.  Then into Portmeirion itself.  Portmeirion is a little piece of the Mediterranean right in the heart of Wales and what a beautiful, unique place it is!

DSC_4603a This pretty building is the first thing you see as you enter the village.  Then it just gets better and better.


The village was the brainchild of architect, Clough Williams-Ellis, who had a dream of building a coastal village.  His dream began to take shape when he purchased this land in 1925.  More info can be found at the official website here.

DSC_4634 Taken at Portmeirion. We were staying with Brenda & Arthur for the wknd. 11/07/2010 Sister and brother, Brenda and William.

Billy, Brenda and Arthur.  We stopped for a breather to absorb the sights and beauty around us.

The village has a beautiful hotel in the grounds and this is the resident’s pool, not open to the public.

DSC_4654 There are great photo opportunities at every turn, like this one on the right with stunning views over the estuary.

I half knew what to expect of Portmeirion, I’ve seen photographs of it here and there and I’m happy to report that the reality of it does not disappoint. Not one little bit. 

We had a great time wandering around, having a coffee outside one of these beautiful buildings, surrounded by wonderful scenery, in good company and what’s more in glorious sunshine.  What more can one ask?

One last thing.  To Brenda and Arthur who will read this sooner or later – thank you for a great weekend!


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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Let’s go for a walk.

Victoria and I have been taking advantage of the good weather recently and have  been walking round the lake for the exercise and for the fun of it.  Of course, taking the boys with us too.  We were out quite early this morning and although the rain kept threatening to pour down, thankfully it never did.

Although you can’t tell from this picture the water level is getting very low.  We have a hosepipe ban in this area from tomorrow due to the lack of rainfall over the last few weeks.


Nicholas was being silly and sticking his head out of the back of his buggy.  He was in and out of that buggy like a Jack in the Box!


Charlie giving the thumbs up.

After a break for refreshments at the end of the walk we took the boys to the play area.  A new Lottery funded play area is being built at the nature reserve end of the lake.  We’re looking forward to that being finished, it’ll be somewhere different to go and the boys will love it.

William was home early from work this afternoon.  He had a medical appointment to go to.


Charlie got a piggy-back ride first though.  Look at him laughing, isn’t that one of the sweetest things in the world – a child laughing hard like this?

Well, that was my day and here’s to many more just like it!



Saturday, 3 July 2010

It’s Victoria’s birthday today…

…and to celebrate she and Gary treated us all to a meal at a local Italian restaurant.DSC_3988 copy The birthday girlDSC_4483and her sister

DSC_4486and with the men.

DSC_4475Studying the menu.DSC_4476 It’s not easy reading all those funny sounding names.DSC_4477In fact judging by these expressions it’s a very serious business.  However everybody made a decision in the end and all enjoyed their choices.

Afterwards we all headed back to our house to sit in the garden for a while.  We ladies enjoyed a Margarita which finished the proceedings off very nicely indeed.

Happy birthday Victoria.,  we love you!