Friday, 1 March 2013

Books and Socks etc...

... such is the stuff that keeps me out of trouble.

I ordered a new photography book on Monday afternoon.  It arrived bright and early on Wednesday morning.   I was thrilled to get it so quickly.  Free delivery it was too. Amazon has definitely got it right when it comes to customer service.  It's a good book too.   It came highly recommended on a photography blog I read.
I already have these two Scott Kelby books, which I love. They were a Mother's Day present a couple of years ago from Victoria. I refer to them often and always take them away on holiday with me to browse through. No doubt in future I'll be taking my new book too.
Talking about good books.  I have just finished reading These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach.  Not a new book, being published in 2004, it has been turned into a film and may be better known by its screen title, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I completely enjoyed this witty story centred around characters in their retirement years and was left wanting more - it was only 300 pages.   I've read Deborah Moggach before and like her style.  I'd definitely recommend it.

Sticking with good books.  I'm still very happily making good use of my BBC iPlayer app.  The ironing is no longer a chore for me.  It's more an opportunity to listen to my favourite radio programmes which are  Radio 4's A Good Read and Open Book.

Tuesday afternoon I drove over the tops to my favourite wool shop, Attica (mentioned in a recent post), to join in their monthly knitting group for the first time.   Just a small group of ladies, all obsessed with knitting and sewing, we sat around the coffee table above and knitted and nattered - truth be told we mainly nattered.   The owners, such friendly ladies, provided us with not only coffee and biscuits but a free magazine too!  How friendly is that?
I took the socks I'm working on.  One done, the other is on the needles and well under way.  Funnily  enough the other ladies all brought socks too.  A nice small portable project I suppose.  I had a really lovely afternoon and will be going back again next month for sure. 
I'm going to switch off now and go and get some knitting and reading done.  There won't be much chance tomorrow.  All three Little Treasures will be here around lunch time and will be sleeping over too.  Which reminds me - where did I put the earplugs! 


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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The knitting group sounds like fun. How sweet of the owners to open up their shop, give you coffee and treats and send you home with a magazine. I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on a flight last year and really enjoyed the movie. Didn't realize it was made from a book called These Foolish Things. Very interesting. Hope you are having a good weekend. Best wishes, Tammy