Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jingle Bells in January

It didn’t half snow on Friday night.  Kids around here were in seventh heaven on Saturday.  Sledging weather it definitely was.


Charlie was spending Saturday afternoon with us while his parents were at work.  Due to the treacherous condition of the side roads, instead of him being dropped off on our doorstep , William and I walked down to the main road and met up with Charlie and his daddy down there.  I’d said to make sure and bring Charlie’s sledge with him.


Granddad gamely pulled him along the paths back to our house.  Charlie loved it and sang Jingle Bells loud and clear as soon as his bottom touched the seat of the sledge.  It was really cute!



Helping to shovel away the snow.

Jingle Bells in January.

A little slideshow I made in Windows Live Movie maker.


George slept over on Saturday night.  Sunday afternoon there was a treat in store for him.  George’s granddad and I took him to the old Picture House in Hebden Bridge to see Life of Pi.  He was more excited about going in the old building than he was about the actual film.    Above, a kid in a candy store, buying a mix up of sweets to take to the pictures.


Like all his generation George is far more used to large multi-screen cinemas than little old fashioned picture houses like this one.  Of course, if you are a member of my generation, you will probably have happy memories of Saturday afternoon matinees in picture houses just like this one.   One of the films I particularly remember watching was Whistle Down the Wind starring Hayley Mills.  I loved that film.  Hayley Mills was such a fantastic little actress wasn’t she?

As for the film, Life of Pi?  I don’t think any of us will be in any hurry to go see it again.  But it was okay.  Kind of.  It did have its moments though.  So, there we are.  I’d make a fantastic cinema critic wouldn’t I?

And as for the snow?  By Sunday night it had practically all gone.  I’m hoping that’s the last of it too and that spring will show its happy little self very, very soon.

Until next time,


Monday, 21 January 2013

Heavy Downfall of Snow Overnight…

…was the Met Office forecast and it wasn’t wrong.  It’s a pity that something so pretty as snow can cause so much havoc isn’t it?   Fortunately it can give a lot of pleasure too.

Anyway, when the phone rang at about eleven o’clock this morning and it was my good friend and neighbour, John, inviting me to go for a walk with him and Lesley I didn’t hesitate.  I said give me fifteen minutes and I’ll be with you. 


All three of us were togged up in layer upon layer of windproof, weather-proof, waterproof, breathable even, clothing and ready for anything that Mother Nature could throw at us we set off merrily on our way.  Our route took us via the canal.


John and Lesley happily stopping to pose for me.


The canal was frozen over in parts. 


Then on through Ealees.  The horse in the picture was hoofing the snow away to get at the grass underneath.


Walking through Ealees is always a pleasure but today it was doubly so.  It looks so cold doesn’t it?  And it was, but not freezing cold.  Just pleasantly cold, if you know what I mean?


On the way back now.  John and Lesley posing (again)on one of the old stone bridges over the canal with the lock gates in front.  Not a barge anywhere to be seen today. 

It had been a long and lovely walk.  The satisfying crunch of crisp white snow underfoot, beauty all around and good company beside me.  I’ll have quite a few blessings to count before I fall asleep tonight!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Walk on the White Side.

The threat of severe weather coming our way meant we didn’t stray far from home this weekend.


Instead William and I plumped for a walk round the local lake.


We weren’t the only hardy ones either.  Lots of folk had the same idea as us.  To get some fresh air no matter what the temperature was.  Incredibly we saw a young woman hobbling around on crutches!   She was risking it.  It really was quite icy underfoot.


Hundreds of seagulls and Canada geese.


There’s a small cafe at the far side of the lake.  But ice cream in this weather?  I don’t think so!


All wrapped up.  I’ve even got one of those ear muff/headband sort of things on.   Now that’s a first for me.  I just look so simple in a hat that I never wear one.  I made an exception today though, it was so cold and windy.  And, I thought, we won’t see anybody we know.  Guess what?  We did.  An old friend from work came walking toward us.  It was all I could do not to whip that thing off my head.  But by then my hair would’ve been a mess so I just braved it out and chatted feeling foolish all the while because I had a hat on.  Oh well, never mind – worse things happen at sea.


My boot lace came undone.  Billy fastened it for me.  I was only saying recently that he doesn’t do that for me anymore.  Today however, he did.


Three miserable looking ponies.  Made a nice photo though.


Snowmen along the way.  They made me smile.  As did the hot cup of coffee we had in the pub overlooking the lake before we made it back to the car.



Saturday, 19 January 2013

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

We seem to be having a lot of sleep overs just now.  Last night it was Nicholas’ turn.  He’s five and a half going on sixteen!

Nicholas20Jan13 copyStoryboard freebie courtesy of Beckie at

He posed for me because I said he could take some pictures too. I’m all for bribery if it gets me some pictures! His granddad and I took him to Pizza Hut for lunch today. It was fun for all of us.


I snapped this cute little picture of him with my iPhone.  He was watching the Cat in the Hat.  I thought it was sweet how he had his teddies watching with him.  Aww.


Last Friday night it had been Charlie’s turn.  He was in a very giddy mood and played around while I snapped away.  He’s four and a half and a proper little Prince Charming.

My third and oldest grandson is staying next Friday night.  I wonder if I’ll get any pictures of him?  We’ll see.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Like Winter…

…but I wish it was spring.


I took this photo this morning looking over to the Pennines when my daughter and I were returning from a “power walk”.  It’s a bit bleak up there on those hills.  Snow predicted overnight.  Weather warnings in operation.  Traffic disruption expected…

Roll on spring!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Little Things Mean a Lot.

I love these little Starbucks Christmas tree decorations but they are a bit pricey so I’ve never bought one.  However, I do have one as of today!


My two girls came across them on sale this morning when they went for an early morning coffee together.  They got one each and one for me too.  It’s so very true.  Little things mean a lot.  Thank you Victoria!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Al Fresco Sunday Morning Breakfast

The breakfast being a tasty bacon butty eaten in the sqaure in Hebden Bridge.


Billy had eaten a bacon butty for breakfast at home but wished he was eating another when he saw how good these particular ones looked.


It was a cold morning and George was already feeling it.  Victoria is wearing one of the first hats I crocheted last year.


Here’s Gary wearing a beanie hat I knitted him for Christmas.   I knitted one for Trev, my other son in law, too.  I might as well mention that I knitted one each for my girls also.  I’ve been a very industrious knitter recently!

After the bacon butties had been consumed we made our way to the park.  Where the boys played for a little while and the dogs got walked.  As previoulsy mentioned it was a cold morning and the cold got the better of George and Nicholas.  They both suffer with Reynaud’s Disease and were both freezing so we headed to Innovations Cafe for warming cups of hot chocolate etc.


It starts young in the male of the species doesn’t it?  The obsession with sport.  I got a newspaper off the shelf in the cafe and read the first page first. As you do.  George who is only 9 got a newspaper too.  Only he read the last page first i.e. the sport’s page.  Typical man, eh?


There was a busker in the square today.  He was good too.  Very folksy and I for one like that.  We listened to him for a while.  Nicholas checked him out as he passed in front of him.  Well, he wasn’t exactly your average looking busker was he?


The boys and I talked to the busker about his numerous instruments.  He demonstrated each one for us.  It was interesting.


Nicholas checked out how much you can make as a busker.


Charlie came in his Ninja outfit.  Bless his little cotton socks!


Last stop before home was the sweet shop.  George got a sweetie necklace.  I remember those things from waaay back.  When Adam was a lad I think it was!


Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Cold Start With Some Fog Patches.

That’s what the BBC weather forecast was for today.  It wasn’t wrong either.

Photo1iPhone photo

Fortunately it didn’t stop a brisk walk around Watergrove Reservoir with Caroline, Trev and the two dogs, Harley and Max, being a fun thing to do.  Victoria would have joined us but she was at home nursing a touch of tonsillitis so didn’t feel up to it. 

I can’t imagine how cold that water must have been but Harley was in and out of it most of the way round.  You can see him in the water in the picture above as he swims out to retrieve his ball.  Crazy dog, that’s all I can say!