Monday, 17 November 2014

A Damp November Day

Our good old British weather hasn’t been up to much lately.  It’s been damp mostly.  The picture below just about sums it up.


Taken from the car while we were driving over Blackstone Edge yesterday it shows the low lying cloud obscuring the moors from view.  And really the weather doesn’t bother me too much.  As long as I’m dressed appropriately the weather can please itself what it throws my way.  Maybe not too much rain.  And, let’s not forget, we are in November so damp weather is only to be expected.


On our agenda yesterday was grocery shopping and because Charlie was with us a visit to the park in Hebden Bridge with a cup of tea in our favourite cafe thrown into the mix.


As we walked down the main street we could hear the sound of happy folk  music filling the air.  Playing his fiddle with a cute/weird marionette dancing in front of him this busker was one of the happiest buskers I’ve ever come across.  He smiled from ear to ear all the while he sang.  I could have listened to him all day but we had promised Charlie a play in the park and that’s where we were headed.  Charlie dropped some change in the basket.


You wouldn’t believe it from the expression on their faces but they were having fun!


Charlie had brought a little gun with him and thought he’d try a little target practice.  


Unfortunately he missed the target and the bullet got lost in the bushes.  We spent about an hour and a half, okay ten minutes at least, searching for that thing!  Happily I eventually located it and play resumed.


Play time over we sauntered back to the car.  Charlie reading as he went along.


This is the publication Charlie was so engrossed in.  The Playmobile toy catalogue.  It kept him entertained all the way round the supermarket too.


I snapped a picture just before we crossed the bridge over the canal.  Pretty as a picture even on a damp day in November.

Until next time,