Friday, 8 March 2013

I'm thinking again..

...this time that spring has lost its way. 

Caroline and I walked round Watergrove Res this morning in decidedly unspringlike weather!

We endured fog, wind and drizzling rain.

Not to mention it was cold too.  But do you know, despite all that we enjoyed ourselves.  We chatted all the while and were just plain happy to be outdoors no matter the weather.  We're Lancashire Lasses you see - made of strong stuff!
Yesterday it was World Book Day.  Lots of children, Charlie included,  got to go to school in fancy dress.  He was a very cute little knight in shining armour.  Caroline brought him for a visit after school with his new book - Pirates Love Underpants (or something very close to that).  Victoria and her boys joined us too.

Nicholas wasn't well on Monday so was kept home from school.  I looked after him for the morning.  He was well enough to go out for a little walk.  We wandered round the back of our house where the little stream runs which in good weather the boys like to play in.  No, Nicholas didn't fall in it this time, thank goodness, but he sat and dangled his legs over the edge and his croc came off.  It ended up in the stream.  I had to clamber down there and risk falling in myself to fish it out!   Nicholas was very amused.  Me, not so much.

And finally, my desktop PC has gone kapput!   Not very happy about that but fortunately I know a very nice young man who will hopefully mend it for me.


Anita Johnson said...

This whole post says we need spring. Even computer problems are better in the spring (o:
it is snowing here AGAIN...I was hoping to be done with that!

Tammy said...

I know those grandboys keep you on your toes. Ha! Don't be falling into any streams. :) Hope you got the desktop computer fixed. Best wishes, Tammy