Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I like to bake.

I made Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls again today.  They turned out better than the first lot I made.  It’s like they say, practise makes perfect.  Well, I’m working on the perfect bit.  I had some help along the way.  Boys or girls, they all love to bake don’t they? 







Nicholas was very serious about it too.  There’s nothing quite like getting your hands in all that gooey stuff.George came round after school, he helped as well.  No pictures though, it gets a bit hectic with two little boys in a kitchen – “helping”!


Just for the record.

It's the last day of March today.  We are going to Devon on Friday morning for the Easter weekend. We are using our new caravan for the first time. We're really looking forward to the break and... it SNOWED today and heavy rain is forecast for the weekend!  DSC_0254_edited-1

I think we might be in for some more of this.  I can’t wait!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A couple of new scrapbook pages

The first one is Nicholas.  I caught him checking my email again the other day with my glasses on.  See how he's pushed them up on top of his head.  That's exactly what I do.
Then we have the grown up kids sharing a funny moment or two together.
These pages are fun and easy to do with the layered templates by Katie Pertiet. The Worn Page Edges are by Lynn Grievson both at   I found the papers and elements for free at    The kit used on Nicholas's page is another freebie, this time from

I'm trying to get these scrapbook pages to go on their own page but I haven't quite worked out how to do it yet.  I'm onto it though!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The last 2 or 3 weeks..

... we have had a lot of poorly sick people around here, both adults and children.  As always there are a lot of bugs about.  All three of our little boys have had the Chicken Pox and then chest infections and bad colds have been thrown into the mix.  I have succumbed to the chest infection bit too and am just getting over it.  I think we're all ready for some sunshine on a more permanent basis.  Fortunately we've all been the walking wounded so in the great scheme of things we haven't got too much to complain about. 

Anyway, today was a lovely day so I rang Victoria and she and the boys came round and we walked up to Caroline's house to "blow the cobwebs off". 

George and Muffin forged on ahead.

It’s quite hilly around these parts and Nicholas still being a bit under the weather was in the buggy.  You’ll notice he’s  well wrapped up, it was cold but sunny. Note Nicholas is wearing his sunglasses.   He just loves wearing glasses, usually mine though! 

Poor Victoria, she was well and truly cream-crackered by the time she got to Caroline’s house.


I think when I have my camera with me I must take my blinkers off. Today I spotted this Memorial on Shore Road, just down from The King Bill, I’ve walked past it several times over the years and never really noticed it.  I read the inscription today and saw that it was erected by mill workers in memory of colleagues killed in World Wars I & II.  The mills are long gone but the Memorial is still there, nice and clean and well looked after in its own little garden.  I was very moved by it.

Caroline’s house is at the top of a steep hill and this is the view from her garden.  She sees some wonderful sunsets.  I must run, well get in the car and drive, up there one of these days and take some pictures. I love me a nice sunset.  And with that I’ll say…



Sunday, 21 March 2010

61 years ago yesterday…

…William came into the world.  Kicking and screaming and that’s how he’s been ever since!DSC_2733  In honour of this great event Caroline bought him a birthday cake.  Yes, this one you see here.  Isn’t it grand?  Just what you would imagine for  a 61 year old, eh?  Sweet of her though.  I made a Courgette Cake the day before and I could’ve put candles on it and called it a birthday cake but I never thought, anyway this one was far cuter.  I’m just a bad wife! DSC_2734 Charlie helping grandad blow the candles out.  DSC_2738George and Nicholas giving grandad his pressie.  ( I know this pictures is a bit blurred, I had the wrong lens on my camera).

We don’t make a fuss of birthdays but coincidentally John and Lesley had invited us round to their house, so we spent the evening in good company enjoying a drink and playing cards.  And as luck would have it for the birthday boy he won at cards.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In June 2008 I took a trip on a sailing ship, well a ferry actually, over to Dublin with William, my sister Maureen and her husband Jerry.  We stayed in Arklow and travelled around.  On one of those travels we went to Dublin for the day.  We had a great time, Dublin is a wonderful city to visit.  We did an awful lot of walking that day and soon enough we had an awful thirst on us.A drop o' the black stuff in the Gravity Bar, GuinnessSo, up at the top of the Guinness Warehouse in the Sky Bar with the 360 degree view we had a drop of the black stuff!  It was GOOD and quenched our thirst no problem! The Famine Memorial, Dublin.  17/06/08Along the banks of the Liffey leading to the docks is this memorial to The Famine which hit Ireland in the mid 19th century. Family names of those who perished can be engraved on plaques and placed here in the cobbles.  It always makes me so sad to think of this time in Irish history.  (Dreams of Other Days by Elaine Crawley, is a novel I enjoyed reading a good while ago now, it covered the famine.  If this is your kind of thing I highly recommend it).
Looking back through the pictures of that holiday I was reminded about a little problem the car developed.  The near-side blinker stopped working. Trying to fix the  front left indicator, it stopped working on the way to Holyhead. 16/06/08Poor William was beside himself with the whole nuisance of it.  It had stopped working in Wales just before we reached Holyhead and it drove it him mad all week!  He hates any problems with his cars.  Remember that Mo? 
Good luck now!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I was reminded today…

… how lucky I am.  I have two beautiful daughters who live close by and I see almost daily.  Today being Mother’s Day they came with cards and gifts.  I count my blessings quite often and these two special people are top of the list.  Thank you daughters. The flowers were actually from my son in law, Trev.  How sweet is that?
George stayed overnight last night.   We played Uno.  It’s a good job I like it because we played it non-stop.  He’s very good at it too and I have to pay attention if I want to win my fair share of the games.DSC_2634 copy DSC_2644 copyDSC_2640 copyLittle Nicky-noo came round this morning.  Only one photo of him, he doesn’t sit still for too long! DSC_2611 copy Caroline and Charlie were on their way to a christening so I grabbed a quick picture of them before they dashed off.
Yes, I’m a very lucky lady!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Not a lot happened around here today…

… and there’s nothing wrong with that.  We were blessed with another lovely day and I had Nicholas for company. Together we went outside and watched the farmer in his little tractor making pretty patterns in the fields behind our house.  Don’t know exactly why he was doing this or what he was really doing but it looks nice!  DSC_2566 I told Nicholas that Muffin didn’t feel very well today.  DSC_2579 He  was quietly sitting in the sun at the top of the stairs.CSC_2587 When people don’t feel well around here we get the quilt out.  And that’s what Nicholas did for Muffin.  CSC_2586We must have the sweetest tempered dog around.  Bless him.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Beaumaris and Llandudno

A day later than I said I would be but here I am with the rest of our weekend in Wales.  We left Anglesey via Beaumaris on Saturday.Beaumaris, AngleseyThis old building is in the middle of a street full of shops and when I read the inscription over the door  I wasBeaumaris, Anglesey amazed to see it has been standing there for 600 years or more!  I love stuff like that.  Just higher up the same street is an antiques shop inside of which I took this picture.  I love these old ranges. Beaumaris, AngleseyI remember my granny had one like this when I was a little (very little) girl.  Beaumaris, AngleseyOne minute away is the sea front and, just like everywhere else we’d seen on Anglesey, it too was beautiful.

Sunday was another gorgeous, almost spring-like day and we set off for Llandudno. Llandudno You can see how clear the skies were in these two pictures but believe me it was cold! LlandudnoWe  stepped it out and made for the pier.LlandudnoDon’t you just love these old shops with their ubiquitous buckets and spades, postcards and goodness knows what else?  This one is actually on the pier.Kathleen on Llandudno Pier. We were with Brenda & Arthur, staying with them for the weekend. 07/03/2010 We stopped at the cafe at the bottom of the pier for a drink and to take in the view.Llandudno Red Wharf Bay, AngleseyAnd because it’s nearly spring and because we were in Wales here’s a bunch of daffs for you!
We had a good time with Bren and Arch, we ate a lot and laughed a lot and had a lot of fresh air. It was excellent!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Well, William and I are back from our weekend in Wales where we enjoyed the hospitality of  my wonderful sister-in-law, Brenda and her husband, Arthur.  The weather was unbelievably good; cold, crisp and dry with beautiful blue skies. We drove down on Friday night to make the most of the weekend. 

Benllech Bay, Anglesey

On Saturday morning after a leisurely breakfast we headed off to Anglesey.  This was my first proper visit.  Over the years I have travelled right across Anglesey several times making for Holyhead and the ferry over to Ireland but never have I actually been on the island for a proper visit.  Well, let me tell you.  I’ve been missing out on something.  Anglesey is beautiful! 

Benllech Bay, Anglesey

Our first stop was Benllech Bay.  It is a sight to behold, especially on a day like we had.  There were people around but for the most part it was deserted. We had a long walk on the beach and then made for a little cafe right at the far end in the picture above.   

Benllech Bay, AngleseyBenllech Bay, Anglesey

The view while we sipped our hot drinks was amazing.
Next up was Red Wharf Bay.  Just a short drive down country lanes from Benllech. 

Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey

It’s a very picturesque little place full of little, old cottages and gorgeous houses.

Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey

Of course there’s a quaint little old pub too, The Ship Inn and should you be a little thirsty below is the view you’ll enjoy while you enjoy a pint or two.

Red Wharf Bay, AngleseyRed Wharf Bay, Anglesey

The house above is in an idyllic spot.  I think I could live in that house very happily, couldn’t you?

On way to Beaumaris, Anglesey.

Leaving Red Wharf Bay behind Arthur suggested we call in at Beaumaris.  So we did, but not before we stopped along the way to take pictures of this fantastic view.  It’s looking over to mainland Wales and snow capped Snowdonia.  Makes your heart sing doesn’t it?
It’s getting late now so I’ll be back with Beaumaris and Llandudno tomorrow. 


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lucky Me…

…is off to Wales again this weekend.   It doesn’t seem like two minutes since we were there I know, but when my lovely sister-in-law invited William and I again it would’ve been just plain rude to refuse!  IMG_2770 Also, lucky me gets to use my new camera bag.  I’ve been wanting a nice, bigger than what I’ve already got, lady’s sort of camera bag for a while now and last Friday I got one.  IMG_2772 I’m very happy with it.  It’s not only very pretty, it’s very practical too and holds everything this happy snapper needs.  Talking about pretty things…  well this orchid just about takes the biscuit!  I bought it on 7th December in Marks and Spencer in Manchester, brought it safely home on the train and it is still flourishing today nearly three months later!  It doesn’t need any special treatment and only has to be watered once a week, I think it’s beautiful and I love it. Here’s another pretty thing, my littlest Little Treasure, Charlie.

I’ll be back after our Welsh weekend.