Sunday, 26 February 2012

Yesterday in the Park.

It was necessary to make myself scarce again yesterday afternoon.  The DIY I mentioned last weekend involving our kitchen ceiling was being continued this weekend.  My son in law had been roped in to help so my daughter, Victoria, and I took the boys to the park.


It was another cold day.  Victoria and I got a hot takeaway coffee to sip in the park while the boys ran around.  They were happy with orange juice and happier still when they tucked into a bag of sweets on the way back to the car.


Victoria.  Behind the smile was pain.  She and her sister had run round the lake together yesterday morning.  Victoria's not used to running and was already beginning to feel the pain in her leg muscles.  Standing still in the cold of the afternoon wasn't helping her any.  However before too long it was back to the car and home.


Just as we were leaving the park a group of drummers turned up.  Probably local people judging by the way they were dressed.  Hebden Bridge is a bit of a hippy type person enclave.  Anyway, locals or not, they sounded good.  I really, really like the sound of drums being beaten with gusto.

Nothing to report on for today but I'm hoping for a day out somewhere in the great outdoors next Sunday.   I'll have to refer to my little Pocket Pub Walks book and see what I can come up with.



Saturday, 25 February 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 5

OK, I know it's not Friday but better late than never is what I always say.  So, here's my round up of Instagram photos from the last week or so.

iPhoneCube5 copy

  1. On a recent trip to Starbucks this mug caught my eye.  For some reason I find the Starbucks logo very appealing and I thought this one was rather lovely.  It came home with me.
  2. Charlie playing "emergencies" with his fire department truck.  All three of my little grandsons love playing "emergencies". The only problem being, I'm the one in the game who has to think up all these pretend emergencies.  Believe me, it's no easy task.
  3. Muffin got his hair cut last week.  He's now only the half the size he was.
  4. If we had a little girl in the house I would've bought this little doll I spotted in a charity shop recently.  She had lots of hand knitted outfits and blankets.  I would've loved changing her in and out of all those sweet tiny cardigans and leggings when I was a little girl.  there used to be a wool shop not too far from where we lived.  In the window there was always a doll dressed in different hand knitted clothes.  I wanted that doll with its whole wardrobe of clothes with every ounce of my being.   I was probably about ten or eleven years old at the time, too old for dolls, but I wanted it anyway!
  5. On a shopping trip to John Lewis with William last Sunday we popped in their cafe for a light lunch.  I had a cream tea.  It made me yearn for Easter to arrive and our first holiday of the year in Devon.
  6. Found this cute little cake stand in John Lewis.  It came home with me.
  7. Saw this lovely Cath Kidston iPhone case in John Lewis.  It came home with me.
  8. I'm getting to grips with this crochet business.  I completed another hat this week.  Victoria took this one home with her.
  9. A special photo.  Special to me because it's all my family taken last March on a day out together at Castle Hill in Yorkshire.

See how I've written would've up there?  The first time I saw "would have" abbreviated that way was in Barack Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father.  I thought if he writes it that way then so can I.  I don't know if I like it though.  In fact I don't think I do.  Just thought I'd mention it.



Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sleeping Beauty


After a busy morning at Nursery School sometimes a little nap is needed on the way home.

I love Instagram.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blue Skies and Sunshine in Cleveleys.

Caroline invited me to go out with her,Trev and Charlie today.  William was working this morning and then coming home to do some DIY involving the kitchen ceiling.  I usually like to make myself scarce when any DIY is going on so, I said yes please and tagged along.


Caroline had checked the weather forecast and sunshine was predicted around 11 a.m. over on the Fylde coast so that was our destination.  Thankfully the Met office got it right.  Boy, was it cold though. Very cold and windy but oh so glorious too.  We enjoyed a long, brisk walk down the promenade and back.  It certainly was not weather for strolling along.  Trev took Harley down onto the beach.


We were not the only ones enjoying the bracing air.  I think the seagulls were having the most fun.  Catching the wind and just gliding.  I love to see them doing that. 

The day was complete when we tucked into fresh Fleetwood fish & chips sitting in the car looking out at the sea.  Our timing was perfect.  As we ate, hailstones bounced down outside and the sky clouded over.  It didn't matter though, after our fish & chips we were ready to head home.

It had been a good day out.  My kind of day.  

Thanks, Caroline and Trev, for letting me tag along.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Towneley Park

DSC_4448_edited-2bPhoto edited with Pioneer Woman's Vintage Action.

Caroline, Charlie and I spent a good couple of hours in Towneley Park over lunch time today. 

DSC_4449bPhoto edited with Pioneer Woman's Lovely & Ethereal Action.

We did a lot of walking in the park and sat for a little while outside the cafe with a hot drink.  The weather wasn't exactly brilliant but at least it was dry for the most part. 


It's been like that all week, not brilliant, which is typical when all the schools are out for half term break and a bit of good weather would've been much appreciated by a lot of families.  Hardy northerners that we are though a little bit of inclement weather doesn't keep us indoors!


This little fellow was having fun no matter what the weather was like.  It was a pleasure to see the little snowdrops of the flowery kind on the right of these two pics.  Maybe spring is just around the corner.


And there was an extra special reason to be having fun today.  Charlie got a furry friend this week.


Meet Harley.  He's a seven month old Border Collie/Labrador cross and has been adopted by Charlie's family because his original family weren't able to keep him.  Harley is very sweet natured and docile. He's playful but not too boisterous that three year old Charlie has anything to worry about.

There's a little story with Harley's name.  He came to Charlie's family with the name Charlie. Yeah, bit of a problem there!  He needed to be renamed but the new name had to be similar sounding so as not to confuse the dog.  Trev, Charlie's daddy, is into motorbikes so I suggested Harley, as in Harley Davidson.  So Harley it is.  Good, eh?


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Elslack and Skipton

Oh, the delights of our good old English weather.  Foggy and damp is what we were dealt today.


Even so, weather notwithstanding, William and I set out for the Yorkshire countryside this morning.  Unfortunately it was mostly hidden from us.  Imagine this scene on a clear day though, believe me, it would be stunning.


In particular we were headed to the Tempest Arms in Elslack.  I had read about it being a cosy pub with no less than three open fires to keep its customers comfy on a winter's day.  Hence the pile of logs in the porch as we entered the pub.


Whilst lots of pubs up and down the country are closing in this dour economic climate the 17th century Tempest Arms is packing 'em in.  It was full to the brim when we got there at lunch time.  Seems like everybody else in the land wanted to sample some of that cosiness and they all got there before we did!  So, we had a quick look around inside, liked what we saw and promised ourselves that we would go back another time, probably midweek when it's likely to be less busy.


From the Tempest Arms we drove through picture postcard pretty winding country lanes and ended up in Skipton, a bustling old market town.  We were hungry by now and found somewhere a bit different for a bite to eat.


The Russian Tea Room is new in town, it only opened its doors on the 1st February.  William's face is saying, ok put the camera away, let's eat!


It's definitely different.  The staff are all togged out in Russian national dress and were very pleasant and friendly.  This lady was the "meeter and greeter" and was doing a great job.  She was proud to inform us they stock 159 different kinds of tea!

The cafe was busy but we found a table and the food was good.  I tried one of their teas, Russian Caravan, it was good too.


Plenty of Matryoshka dolls...


... and the more expensive, ornate Faberge style Easter eggs for sale. 


After lunch we strolled down one side of the main shopping street and up the other side ending at Holy Trinity Church.


Dating back to the 13th century and dominating the High Street, this is a beautiful church and it seems to me that the door is always open to visitors and parishioners alike. 

All in all, even taking into account the lousy weather, we had a lovely day.


Friday, 10 February 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 4

Well, here it is, Friday again and that means a round up of the week according to my iPhone and Instagram.


  1. Rarely do we get a Sunday newspaper anymore. However, William went out for one last Sunday and mid-morning we sat down together with a cup of tea and trawled through it.  Sunday papers are content heavy aren't they?  It can take me nearly a full week to get to the end of one!  As a point of interest - see the smaller headline in the top left hand corner.  It's pointing out an article on bloggers.   It's not unusual anymore is it, to be a blogger?
  2. A photo from that same paper.  The building is the 17th century Tan Hill Inn way up on top of the Yorkshire Moors.  Those lights are the Northern Lights!  I had no idea they could be seen from anywhere in Great Britain.  This spectacular photo was captured by a press photographer last week and has been reproduced around the world.  Apparently stargazers have been up there every night since hoping the phenomenon will recur.  Now that is one sight I would love to see!
  3. Monday morning I collected Charlie from Nursery School.  This is the glorious view, looking over to the Pennines, from his school.
  4. Wednesday and the wool I had ordered to begin my new obsession, crochet, arrived.  After watching several Youtube tutorials I made a start that night.
  5. Midweek William surprised me with a little pressie.  A pretty mini azalea in full bloom.
  6. Thursday night my first crochet hat almost completed.
  7. I had an appointment at the optician's this morning.  While waiting the 20 minutes or so for the eye drops to dilate my pupils I wandered over the road to the Coach House Visitor Centre but it was closed.  However the Greek restaurant within the Coach House building was open and the owner spotted me hanging around.  He kindly invited me to take a seat in his restaurant and read a magazine or something while I waited.  Now wasn't that nice and friendly?
  8. Charlie happily scoffing an ice cream this affy at the Lake Visitor Centre.  That little chap loves his ice cream!
  9. Et voila!  My first ever crocheted anything, completed this evening.  My daughter, Caroline, is going to look just lovely in this little creation.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

That cold snap...

...I mentioned last week is still with us and by all accounts it's here to stay for a little while longer.

And that's ok with me.  Mind you I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn and de-ice the car before I get in it and go to work.  I might mind a bit if I had to do that!  Happily I don't have to do that and so was able to go out in the icy cold fresh air today on foot and just enjoy it. 


Victoria, my elder daughter, came round this morning and we took the dogs for an energising walk round the neighbourhood.  Muffin badly needs a haircut but it's far too cold for that at the minute and for that he is truly thankful.  He hates going to the groomers.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 3

I know it's Saturday, but better late than never.  Time is flying by.  A week seems to take no time at all.  And I can't believe we are already in February!


  1. George, my 8 year old grandson, stayed for tea on Monday night.
  2. Didn't feel so good yesterday so I got me some reading matter, a cup of tea and took it easy for most of the day.
  3. The weather has been cold, bright and sunny this week.  I took this photo in the living room yesterday when the sun was streaming in through the window and brightening my otherwise yucky day.
  4. One of my favourite houseplants, a miniature orchid.  I'm waiting patiently for it to bloom again.  Also, one of my favourite little things, a little Cardinal of Love glass bird.  Handmade and also purchased in Arkansas, USA.
  5. My all-time favourite little clock.
  6. A Fish Eye Lens pic of framed pics.  I really quite like that little App.
  7. Charlie had a sleepover here last night.  He was so excited and thrilled to be staying with us.  Although he has slept here several times before, it must have been awhile and we've never called it a sleepover before.  The whole thing really floated his boat!
  8. A screenshot of the weather App on my phone.  Just like the picture suggests it is snowing hard outside!
  9. A photo of my dear mother taken a long time ago.  The old ceramic figure of a drunken Scotsman clinging onto a lamppost belonged to my mother.  It's musical and plays the old song, "I Belong to Glasgow". 

Another photo that brings back happy memories.  My mother was born in Cleveleys and loved it.  She also loved the neighbouring towns along the coast.  In fact, I don't think she was ever happier than when she was back there by the sea.  This photo was taken over at Knott End on Sea.  Mother, my two girls, then only little, and I had gone over on the ferry from Fleetwood.  We were staying for the weekend in a Bed & Breakfast just off the prom in Fleetwood.  We had a lovely time together just tootling around and taking in that fresh sea air.  Happy times.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side

The wild side of our local lake that is.  Here in my neck of the woods we are enjoying (or maybe enduring depending on your point of view) a cold snap in the weather just now. 


Yesterday afternoon a couple of friends and I arranged to meet for a walk round the lake and a coffee and natter afterwards.  Boy, was that hot drink welcome at the end of that walk.  Believe me, it was freezing out there.  I thought my ears were going to drop off!


There they are above.  Poor Diane has had surgery on her foot and is temporarily using a walking stick.  Vanessa joked that we were not unlike the characters in the telly programme, The Last of the Summer Wine.


Thinking about that remark reminded of this photo of William taken on a rather steep uphill walk at Bolton Abbey a couple of years ago.  Now I'd say he was a dead ringer for Compo wouldn't you?


On another note I was in Hebden Bridge on Tuesday and noticed this display of needlecraft books in a bookshop window.  See the little lilac book, "Keep Calm and Cast On".  That's exactly what I'm itching to do.  I'm desperate to learn how to crochet and...

SN0152_project_medium2 Photo from

... then I can whip up a granny squares blanket like this one!!!  There's nothing like positive thinking.  I'm off now to search the internet for the necessary goodies.

Until next time.