Monday, 4 March 2013

Prince Charming aka Charlie.

Saturday morning Charlie was here for an hour or two before his cousins arrived.  Engrossed in play he didn’t mind me pointing the camera in his direction too much.Charlie02032013.jpgbSo I snapped away and got some typical-Charlie-face pictures of him. 


Here’s Charlie the helicopter pilot.  This little boy is all about imaginative play.  He’s very polite and loves to give compliments.  He stands to one side and says “ladies first”.  Of course, he can be a little monkey too.  He’s the baby of the family and I love him to bits.



Debbie said...

What? Adorable, polite and chivalrous, and a spunky monkey to boot? I think you might just have Prince Charming there after all.

It's so good to visit here! I feel as if I have been away on some desert island isolated from everyone for months.

Anita Johnson said...

Such cute pictures! We are heading to Illinois today to babysit for our little guy! Such fun, isn't it? (o: