Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Best Place …

…to be in this rotten weather…


…is beside a roaring fire in an old public house with a good friend having a good old natter.  That’s exactly what Lesley and I did on Thursday afternoon.  We spent a lovely, easy going, albeit cold, day together in Hebden Bridge.  We started off with a coffee break, followed by a mooch in and out of a few shops. We spent a fair amount of time in the antiques centre.  I really enjoyed that discussing all the old stuff.  I can remember as a child being in similar places with my mother and Auntie Edie and hearing them saying to each other as they picked up this and that, “we used to have one of these in our house, do you remember”.   Here I am now, many moons later, saying very similar things.  Time is marching on.  It’s scary!


This was what my bedroom window looked like this morning.  I could barely see out of it because of the way the snow fell during the night..  It was blowing a gale all night alongside the snow falling causing snowdrifts in all sorts of unexpected places.

This unwelcome weather is once again causing all kinds of disruptions up and down the country.


It has disrupted our plans too. Our caravan is now sited at its new home in Bay View.  We had hoped to spend our first weekend up there this weekend.  


But with temperatures and weather like this it just hasn’t happened.  It’s Easter next weekend and we’re hoping to get up there on Friday.  Fingers and everything else crossed we will!


Braving the elements today Caroline, Charlie and I did our grocery shopping together.  We called in at a little Starbuck’s on the way and I snapped this lovely pic of them with my iPhone.  I love it!BlogSignature

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Betsy Brock said...

Brrr! Stay warm!

I do love your British terms we don't use in the USA. ..old natter, mooch...words like that. :) I pop in on an English cooking blog and smile at her saying nosh, stodged full of, lashings of, scrummy...:)

Adorable pic of Caroline and Charlie! Sounds like you had fun!