Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring Flowers.

In search of spring flowers William and I took a trip to Bents garden centre yesterday afternoon.


We found plenty.  Pretty pansies…


.. pretty primulas all in my favourite colours.


I like the reds and yellows too.  William would choose these rather than the lilacs.


Bents’ is a humongous garden centre with everything it’s possible to need for a garden and then some.  They have a large home wares section too with both ornate and useful stuff.  Happily there’s also a very lovely restaurant.  Pricey I might add, but good quality food and they don’t scrimp on the portion sizes.


Now and again a treat is necessary.  We tucked into a cream tea with strawberries and clotted cream for two.  Very nice!


We both spent some time looking at the housey stuff then William wandered off and left me to it.  I found him sitting on this bench.  His feet didn’t reach the floor and he was sat swinging his legs like a little boy.  It was soo funny.  I couldn’t stop laughing!



It was Mother’s Day a week ago yesterday and these are my happy, sunny, spring flowers off the girls.


On Mother’s Day the kids all came round and I did some baking with the boys.   See the scales and Pyrex dish above?  They were wedding presents and are still serving me well after all these years!   In fact they’re so old they’re fashionable again.  I see things like them in magazines all the time.


I loved the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett  and last week I watched the DVD, courtesy of John and Lesley.  I think it stayed more or less true to the book.  I’d definitely recommend it.


Lastly my sock knitting is coming on a treat.  I was very happy with them until I noticed that I had done the cuffs different to each other.  Hence the third one on the needles – I’d like a matching pair and there’s sufficient yarn in one ball for three socks.  Shame there’s not enough for four!

That’s it for now.



Debbie said...

What a wonderful place to go to get all inspired for spring. The flowers are just WOW.

I enjoyed the book The Help too. I thought the movie was pretty good. The ending was better than the book, which seemed to just drop off.

I have a friend who lives in a house built in that era with the outside commode. It was great for when her kids were outside playing but so creepy as to the purpose for it being built. Times have changed.

Sorry about the sock mishap. It IS a shame you don't have enough for four. They are festive.

Anita Johnson said...

Such fun pictures...would love to have a big garden shop like that near here...especially one it food too. I don't knit, but my mom and sister do, I have been trying to have them knit me a pair for years...even with different cuffs!