Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Sunday in the Park

Well, we have just said goodbye to the third coldest March on record and I for one was not sorry to see it go.  Yesterday we were all wrapped up against the elements and ready for a family outing to Towneley Park. 


The first stop was a pit stop at the Stables Cafe.  The chilly temperatures didn’t deter us from eating al fresco.  Although I have to say I came away from there with a rather cold derriere that didn’t really recover until I got home and stood up against a hot radiator!


Nicholas tucking into a sausage sandwich.  The scar on his nose is a fresh one.  He and George both had their bikes with them and Nicholas took a nasty tumble off his.  Before the day was over Charlie suffered a similar fate involving his scooter.  Unfortunately, just par for the course I suppose.


Eating over and done with, it was play time.


Towneley Park has one of the best play areas around.


Gary will attest to that.


Uncle Gary throwing Charlie around.  Boys love that don’t they?



Gary had a whale of a time!


I caught this cute pic of Charlie before he came off his scooter.  He loves that hat and his sword - it’s just visible popping up in front of his left arm.


Even granddad got into the swing of things. 


Nicholas and Charlie in the sand pit. 

A walk in the park

Caroline, Victoria and Charlie walking the dogs around the perimeter of the play area.

Snow can still be seen in the background of these photos – especially up toward the house.  It didn’t spoil anybody’s fun though.  The park was busy with lots of people about enjoying the fresh air just like we were.

I wonder what kind of weather April will bring?  I’m hoping it’s not going to be full of those showers its always linked with!




Caroline said...

Lovely pics Mother. xx

Anita Johnson said...

Fun pictures! Our March was very cold too and April isn't warming up very quickly either...maybe next week, still there is something about the sunlight, isn't there? We have a few places with snow here too...I can't wait to see them replaced by daffodils!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day with loads of fun for everyone. I don't do cold well. But right now we have a major dust storm so I would take cold and clear any day over this. :/ Hope you had a great week. Tammy