Thursday, 28 February 2013

I'm Thinking...

....spring might just be on the way!  At least that's how it felt today.  It was too nice outside to stay indoors and luckily for me that's just what John and Lesley were thinking too.
A leisurely walk down through Ealees fitted the bill. 
Muffin came along although he definitely would've preferred to have stayed at home.  He doesn't need to speak to let us know what he's thinking.  His actions speak louder than any words.  He simply  refuses to move!    I don't understand his canine logic though because if I leave him behind he barks like mad as I close the door on him!  Unfortunately he's feeling his age, at 14 he's no puppy anymore.
That is unless he wants to play fetch.   In that case he can outrun Max, who is a youngster, any day of the week and get to the ball first.
Here's a cute photo Victoria sent me via her iPhone.  Max is frightened to death of the vacuum cleaner.  He usually tries to stay clear of Nicholas too.  Nicholas can get a bit over zealous with his affection toward the little dog but when the vacuum  cleaner came too close the other day Max swiftly jumped on Nicholas's knee.  I think Nicholas was the lesser of the two evils at that moment.  Nicholas was thrilled to bits, he couldn't believe Max was sitting on his knee without him having to hold him in a vice like grip!
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Anita Johnson said...

I wish we were seeing signs of spring here...I did see a sand hill crane, so spring must surely be coming. Right now we have at least 6 inches of snow. Dogs are funny friends, Bugsy, who is 8 would like your dogs attitude! And real people friends a gift, I'm always up for a walk with friends. The photo of Nicholas and Max is perfect! Enjoy your weekend!