Sunday, 7 October 2012

Blackpool Illuminations

Around 5 o’clock last night we all, minus Caroline’s poor husband who was working, set off for Blackpool Illuminations.  The Illuminations, which this year celebrate their centenary,  used to be an annual fixture in my childhood.  I can remember being carried on my older brother’s shoulders and battling against wind and rain most years.  My mother always said the lights were better in the rain because they twinkled more.  However the weather last night  was perfect – coldish, breezy and not a drop of rain in sight.

So from my childhood through my children’s and now my grandchildren’s childhood, Blackpool Lights are still an exciting outing.  Our first stop was Fleetwood for a bag of chips which we all ate sat in the car.  Shame I didn’t get out of the car though to take a picture of the beautiful sunset that was happening right in front of us.  I could definitely live over on that west coast.  Imagine being able to watch the sun set over the sea every night.  How good would that be? 


I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get many great photos last night.  It was very busy, all my targets were moving ones and needless to say it was dark.  

We had a good long walk at the north end of the lights where all the tableaux are.  Nicholas and Charlie both taking turns at riding in the buggy - it was a long walk and late too for little legs.  There seemed to be a carnival atmosphere at large.  We all had a good time.  It was a fun night all round.


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Debbie said...

So glad to be back in blog land solidly enough to even cross the pond! This looks like the kind of evening my family would enjoy.

I agree with what you said about being able to watch the sun set over the water. We get the sunrise on my side of the continent too. Since I'm rarely at the beach at sunrise, I would rather have sunset.