Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn Colours.

Mother Nature really has put on a spectacular show of colours this year.  Perhaps that makes up somewhat for the rainy summer we had.  Sad to say this year summer was the wettest one we’ve had in decades!


Anyway, I just wanted to post a couple of photos I snapped yesterday when Victoria, the boys and I were in Towneley Park.


We had a lovely afternoon.  Okay, it was a little bit chilly but pleasantly so.  Just chilly enough to enjoy warming our hands on a hot coffee and to enjoy a hot snack, still al fresco though, at the cafe with the above very-easy-on-the-eye view.

I have more pictures but I don’t have the time to wade through them just now.  I’ve had a busy day today packing, doing housework and other stuff before William and I hit the road in the morning for the five hour drive to Oakdown.  It’ll be our last holiday of the year in Devon and we are both eager to get down there and enjoy it.




Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

One thing about rain is that it makes everything grow beautifully! We had our first little drizzle of the season. More thunder than actual rain. It's been very humid for the past week. Enjoy your trip. Best wishes, Tammy

Anita Johnson said...

How funny, I thought we had one of the best fall color seasons here to make up for the drought! (o:

Anita Johnson said...

Hi Kathleen!
Just following up about the comment you left. Yes, I have seen Kevin and Amanda's blog and love their Bostons. Funny thing is, I actually found their sight looking for a font to use for some artwork for church, then I saw the sidebar pictures of their dogs. I miss having two Bostons, but think our double dog days are over, like you, I'd rather have the ability to help out with grandchildren and I'm tired of arranging babysitters for the dogs. That being said, I still miss our big Boston, Buster. Thanks for thinking about me!