Sunday, 14 October 2012


Autumn has got to be my favourite season.  Never too cold and certainly never too hot.  Perfection in my book.


Yesterday was a glorious autumn day.  Victoria and I took the boys and the dogs for a woodland walk through Ealees.  I had told Nicholas about Molly and Lola and he was keen to make their acquaintance.


We did see the pigs but they were at the other side of the field so Nicholas wasn’t able to get up close and personal with them.  However both boys did get to pat one of the racehorses as it passed us being taken down to the paddock.


Dark clouds seemed to be gathering behind us but believe it or not we were walking in sunshine most of the way and not one drop of rain spilled from that menacing cloud.


The babbling brook that flows parallel with the footpath never ceases to lose its attraction for these boys.


I pointed out to George at one  point that my shoelace had come undone.  He was a good lad, bent right down and refastened it for me.  Note how he had to get behind my foot to tie the lace.

William and I are planning a walk somewhere a bit farther afield next weekend.  I hope the weather is kind to us.


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Tammy said...

Sure is beautiful in your corner of the world. The boys are so lucky to be able to get out and about with their grandma. :) So cute the way he is tying your shoe -- makes sense he would need to do it from that angle. Best wishes, Tammy