Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Molly and Lola

On a walk through Ealees with John and Lesley this morning I did something I’ve never done before.


I stroked a pig!  Now that’s not something that is the norm in my everyday life.


Lola and Molly were sooo cute.  Clean too.   Running around in the field with their doggy friend just like puppies.  It was amazing to see.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.

We found out the names of the pigs from two young women who were in the field with the animals and who came over to the fence to chat with us.  There was one question on my mind from the start.  Were the pigs for pets or for the table?  I was relieved to here they were pets.  We also discovered that the owner of the land has plans to open a little petting zoo if everything works out for her.  There being also a couple of pygmy goats and a few sheep on the property.  It doesn’t stop there. This landowner also takes in unwanted racehorses, gets them back to good health and then tries to find new homes for them.  We have seen the horses around in neighbouring fields but didn’t know that they were ex-racehorses.  Apparently unwanted racehorses are treated the same way as unwanted greyhounds and given away by their owners when money-making days are over.

The landowner has lodged plans with the local council to erect a large American style barn and build more stables among other alterations to her land.  I think we’ll all be watching further developments on this land with great interest now rather than just a mild curiousity when we pass by on our walks to the lake.

Talking about which it was a very nice walk too.  Thanks J & L for inviting me to join you.


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Anita Johnson said...

How fun to hear the story...I love pigs (these have such beautiful color) but goats are my favorite.I hope this all works out for them...a petting zoo so close by!