Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Few iPhone Photos From Friday..

..and Thursday too.


  • The boys and their mummies came round at teatime on Thursday.  Hotdogs were on the menu.  Charlie, lucky little chap, is with his mummy and daddy down in Windsor for the weekend.  Legoland is featuring large on that little trip.
  • My granny square blanket is coming on a treat.
  • A new neoprene cover for my Kindle.  A bargain at £1.99 from TK Maxx.
  • I needed a needle threader for all those loose ends in my blanket.  On a trip to Uppermill with Lesley I found one in a charity shop.  It was obviously a free gift with Woman’s Weekly magazine many years ago.  It was still in its original little envelope.  And do you know what it works like a dream.  The best threader I’ve ever used.
  • Friday morning I had to take my car in for its MOT.  With time to kill while it was being done I wandered through the local park and into the library.  A knitting club convenes there on a Friday morning.  I got chatting to the ladies in the club and I will be joining them next week!  I’m looking forward to that.  I hope there’s a crochet expert amongst them.  I could do with some help.    
  • An immaculately kept cobbled back alleyway I passed on the way to the library.


These photos are all taken in and around our local park. The gardeners do a wonderful job keeping it in shape and can be seen out in all weathers doing their thing.


Very pretty looking over to the Pennines beyond.


Bandstands make me feel very nostalgic.  They just add that extra something to a park.  


After collecting my car (which, hooray,  had past its MOT ) I needed to go into Todmorden and from there it’s only a cockstride into Hebden Bridge.


Which is where these pics were snapped.  We’ve had a lot of rain again and the river was running high once more.  Thankfully no flooding this time.

That’s it for now.  I’m all up to date and ready to go make a drink and grab my Kindle.  There’s a story with my Kindle, pardon the pun, but I’ll share that another day.


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