Thursday, 25 October 2012

Malham, North Yorkshire

Malham in north Yorkshire is beautiful, there is no other word for it!  William and I had the fun of exploring it for the first time last Sunday.  I really don’t know why we’ve never been to Malham before, it’s only an hour and a quarter away from us, but I do know we’ll be going again! 


It is so very pretty.  Mind you, it’s set in the Yorkshire Dales National Park so I wouldn’t expect anything else.


Fortunately for us Sunday was a blue sky day so we saw Malham at its best.  We really couldn’t have picked a better day.


Wide open spaces along the way.


A walk was what we had in mind so we took the road out of the village and followed the footpath to the spectacular Malham Cove.  Apparently the last Harry Potter  film featured a camping scene that was set atop Malham Cove. DSC_6725b


Ancient little footbridge across Malham Beck.  I was in my element.  I absolutely and completely love this English countryside of ours!


Our destination - the humongous limestone cliff which is Malham Cove.


See the arrows in the pic above?  The minute speck at the end of the top arrow is a person!  The arrow below is pointing to a small group of people who must have nerves of steel and also be slightly bonkers.  Rock climbers.  William and I both had the willies just watching them!


After the walk and back in the village some sustenance was needed.  We only had a light snack and a pot of tea but boy, did it taste good in the fresh air and…


…with this view to feast our eyes on.



A couple of quaint village pubs complete the picture.


And finally, a few welcoming A-boards we saw dotted about the village.  You know you’re in walking country when you see signs like these.

Yep, Sunday was certainly a lovely day, exactly my kind of day in fact.


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