Monday, 8 October 2012

A Sunday Stroll

I love to go a-wandering through our luscious green countryside and lucky for me I don’t have to go far from home to indulge myself.


Yesterday morning William worked outside the house on different jobs he needed to do. You know the weekend kind of things - washing the cars, tidying the garden, pointing some flags, that kind of stuff.  While I, after a very lazy start to the day, which included two cups of tea (brought to me by William) and reading my new Kindle in bed, caught up on some housework.


With all that done we decided to take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and take a stroll through Cragg Vale.   In this picture we were still on our way uphill but Muffin had had enough and was doing that thing where he stops, turns round and hopes we’ll follow him back the way we’ve just come.  It doesn’t usually work for him and it didn’t yesterday either.  Poor old thing!


Only a ten or fifteen minute drive away from our doorstep, Cragg Vale is a peaceful Pennine valley.  Ideal for a Sunday stroll.


Autumn’s colours are beginning to show themselves.


This field of golden grass really pleased me as did the perfect dry stone wall.


We wandered happily up hill and down dale.


Unusual properties.  I presume in its heyday this was the lodge house to Cragg Hall.


Going back to the car now.  More of the up hill part of the walk passing this row of characterful weaver’s cottages.  I wondered what weaver’s cottages were doing here so I turned to Google.   It would seem that Cragg Vale was home to about a dozen cotton mills during the Industrial Revolution!  That fact amazes me.  I cannot imagine this beautiful, peaceful valley as a hive of industry.


On then to Hebden Bridge for a well earned tea break.


Where this young artist was doing his thing in the middle of the river


And doing it in bare feet!  That water had to be freezing!  Bonkers.  Don’t you agree?  Interesting sculptures though.  I don’t know how he made that little arch at the the bottom of the picture.


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