Thursday, 8 November 2012

The End of the Season

It doesn’t seem possible that the 2012 caravanning season is over but it is.  For us anyway.  I suppose for those who tow their caravans then the end of the season comes when they see fit to end it.  For us, permanent pitch people, last Saturday was the last day.

However, end of season or not, end of October beginning of November or not, cold, windy and sometimes rainy weather or not, William and I have just had a really good week’s holiday down in and around Sidmouth, east Devon.


We hit West Bay at the start of the week on Sunday.  The harbour was practically empty.  Summer sailors had all taken their boats home and the harbour seemed forlorn with no happy little boats bobbing up and down on the tide. 


A good brisk walk along the sea front is always a pleasure.  Even more so in windy weather for me.


I love it when the weather is fresh.  William’s expression is telling me that to him it was just plain cold!  I think it was at this point that we took refuge in one of our favourite cafes overlooking the sea…


..where I whipped out my new toy, my Kindle Paperwhite and had a little read while William read the newspaper.  I’m loving my Kindle PW – so much lighter to tote around and much less bulky than a paperback.   I carried it around in my handbag wherever we went.


Naturally, Budleigh Salterton was on our itinerary and another lovely day for it too.


Beautiful seafront to stroll along.


It was the end of the season for beach huts too.  In the main they were all locked up and lots had already been dismantled and shipped off to who knows where for the winter.  It was news to me that lots of beach huts are carted off and stowed away for the winter.  I presumed they stayed in situ but apparently not.


This is Poppy.  Isn’t she adorable?  The daintiest, smallest and cutest Bassett Hound I’ve ever seen.  Mind you I haven’t seen that many of this breed of dog in real life, ever.  We came across Poppy in a back street of Budleigh being walked by her owner.  Dog owners are friendly people don’t you think?  Always happy to stop for a chat.  I like that.

IMG_1531biPhone pic

Late afternoon heading for home we stopped off at this little treasure trove of a place, full of furniture and interior decor goodies. 


IMG_1529biPhone pics

A rustic, warm and cosy welcome awaited inside with not just one but a choice of two woodburners to sit in front of and drink a coffee.


The perfect place to stop on a cold autumn afternoon.



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gregory urbano said...

greay series of shots, love the look on that hounds face!