Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Three French Hens

Well, okay, not quite.


These Silkie chickens according to Wikipedia are actually from China.  This picture doesn't do them justice. They are beautiful creatures, all fluffy and cute.  They even make good pets.  The funny thing about these chickens though is the fact that their flesh is black.  I looked them up on Google and you can see pictures of them plucked, ready for the oven.  I prefer them looking like this.

I came across these three little beauties in Wales at the weekend in Jackson's Boutique Garden Centre, Dyserth.  Saturday afternoon we finally made our trip down to Wales to see my sister in law and her husband.  We stayed just the one night and really enjoyed catching up with them.  We even had an early Christmas Dinner with them as they won't be coming up to us on Christmas Day this year.   We had Christmas pudding with Bailey's Cream (as in Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur) poured over.  Delicious!

There really wasn't time to go very far so Brenda suggested we go to Jackson's on Sunday for a visit.  It's a wonderful garden centre, in a lovely countryside location, full of lots of good stuff and of course dripping in Christmas decor just now.  A lovely coffee shop too. What more can one ask?  Jackson's is definitely on my places-to-go-back-to list.




Betsy said...

Those Silkies are beautiful! I love birds...and that includes hens. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog today! It's so great to meet you!

Jane said...

Beautiful birds! You are right - they look much better with their feathers than awaiting the oven!