Tuesday, 21 December 2010

On Route 66


On the Leeds to Liverpool canal, that is.


  Completely frozen over and no hope of thawing 'til Boxing Day so the weathermen tell us.


I feel so sorry for all the would be travellers stranded at Heathrow Airport and other places. My daughter and her family are hoping to fly off on holiday from Liverpool Airport on the 28th and John and Lesley are hoping to jet off to New Zealand on the same day from Manchester Airport.  I hope the weather men get it right.  We need that thaw don't we people?




John said...

What lovely photos (yet again) you could actually shiver just looking at them! Yes bring on the thaw - please. I hope Vicky's butterflies aren't as big as mine, I am zooming towards panic stations. If the thaw does come I'll venture on the long journey and come and see you soon! LS xxx

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

Wow Kathleen - what stunning pics !
My brother left Australia yesterday to fly to Paris. I'm hoping for a little thawing so he gets there safely :-)