Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Magic of Christmas...

... is a memory once again.  All the anticipation and preparation and it's over in a flash! 

xmas2010circle7Early Christmas morning William and I went round to both our daughter's homes to visit, see the boys with their new toys and exchange gifts.  The three little boys were all very excited and very happy with the presents Father Christmas left in their stockings.  I think the grown ups were all happy too. 

Christmas dinner was at our house with my son in law, Trev, ably doing the cooking. Aren't I the lucky one?  I just got to sit back with the girls, a glass of Croft Original and enjoy the day.

I couldn't make up my mind which photos to share and finally decided to go with a collage of lots of them.  For anybody interested these collages are free and easy to do.  Just go to www.shapecollage.com and follow the instructions.



Jane said...

Love the shape collage. I will have to try this soon!


Barb said...

Hello Kathleen, I have been slowly putting away the larger of the Christmas decorations and leaving the rest out in a effort to "hang on to the magic".I don't like the New Year's Eve fireworks,because they mark the end of the christmas season.BUT....on the other hand,like I told my kids when they were growing up'Christmas isn't just a time of year ...It's a way of life". Iv'e already started buying and planning ready for 2011.
Happy New Year from Australia