Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Roundup.

William was busy all the weekend and Monday morning (he'd booked two days off work which should have been spent in Wales) decorating the dining room and one of the spare bedrooms - the one where the computer now lives.  Once he gets a paintbrush in his hand it's better to give him a wide berth and let him get on with it.  So that's what I did.

Sunday afternoon I went along with Caroline to her works'  Children's Christmas Party in Uppermill.  It was a lovely afternoon and Charlie was thrilled with Father Christmas but only from a distance -definitely not sit-on-his-knee-and-have-your-photo-taken thrilled!


Monday afternoon William had all but finished the decorating and so we ventured out to Hebden Bridge for some lunch and a mooch around the town's shops.  Everywhere still covered in icy snow as you can see.


Then yesterday afternoon we arranged to go to Towneley Hall with two of our favourite people, John and Lesley.  We had lunch first at Towneley Hall Garden Centre (very nice place, worth a visit in itself) and then set off up the beautiful tree lined avenue to the Hall.  It was cold but sooo pretty.

The main reason for the visit was to see the Christmas Tree Festival in the Hall. It was billed as a magical event.  I'm afraid you could have them there on Trades Descriptions.  The Tree Festival was a disappointment but the Hall itself is great and there was a fantastic Photographic Exhibition of Harold Crompton Robinson's work.  I'd never heard of him before yesterday but I can guarantee that I'll now see his name crop up all over the place!


Yep, that's a four poster bed in the background and I can not remember the story behind it - shame on me!


When we came out of the Hall the snow had begun to fall.  We trudged back down the hill through the snow and ice to the car.


We stopped on the way home at The Ram Inn for a drink.  A lovely old pub, it had a couple of roaring fires going and we nattered away feeling all warm and cosy.  I took some pictures but sadly none of them were any good.

We had a really lovely afternoon and the good company and all that snow only added to it.



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John said...

What a brilliant afternoon had by all - it look ever so Christmassy with all the snow - thanks xxxx LS