Saturday, 4 December 2010

Believe it or not..

..this is not a black and white photograph.


It's just the way the lake looks today - black and white.

We should have gone to Wales for the weekend this afternoon but because of this yukky weather we (well William really) decided not to go.  All is not lost though, we're still hoping to make it before Christmas when we'll be able to get out and about when we get there.




Jane said...

Looks beautiful! We had a dusting of snow today as well,


Jessica said...

Hi Kathleen! You wrote me a note requesting the subway art printable on my blog, but left no email address! Please come back and leave one and I would love to send it to you! Happy holidays! :)

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

Wow! It looks very cold - but very lovely too :-)
I really love how snow transforms everything. Here, in Australia, we are having heavy rain right now. I wish it would freeze and give us a white Christmas lol!blessings..Trish said...

Wow It looks amazing. It must be a challenge living in such extreme (to me) weather conditions.I live in Sydney Australia, and we only know wet or dey, hot or cold. Snow gives everything a magical look but I imagine day-to-day living is not fun.