Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Earlier this week...

.. Caroline, Charlie and I made a trip to an Ikea store just a few miles away.


Caroline and Charlie made themselves at home.  Charlie settled down in front of a telly and put his feet up!

We enjoyed our mooch round this huge store but were both a bit disappointed that there wasn't more Christmas stuff on offer.  I was looking forward to seeing some Scandinavian Christmas things but there really wasn't a lot on offer.  It didn't matter too much we still made a few purchases and came away happy.


On a different note.  We got snow!  I took this picture of my car earlier this afternoon.  Schools closed early round here today and kids were out sledging.   We haven't got as much snow as a lot of other places across the UK but we've got enough.

We're planning a trip to Wales to see my sister in law and her husband this weekend.  I hope this snow goes away or we'll be going nowhere.



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