Saturday, 18 December 2010

Away to the Window I Flew Like a Flash.

There was the sound of a helicopter flying low and close to the house on Saturday afternoon.  I looked out and saw it land in the field behind the houses behind our house.


There's a very steep hill out there and whenever it snows young people flock to it to do some sledging.  Unfortunately sledges are not easy to steer and one poor young girl smashed into a tree in her way. It turns out the helicopter was the Air Ambulance and for a while we thought her injuries must have been serious. An ordinary ambulance turned up too after a while and the injured girl was transferred to hospital by road.  I'm sure her injuries were bad enough but luckily for her if she wasn't airlifted to hospital then they weren't life threatening.

On a less dramatic note.  My little craft project is taking shape.


I found several helpful video tutorials on Youtube. It was fun to do and nowhere near as fiddly as I thought paper-crafting would be.  Now all I have to do is wait until Christmas is over, I'll then put some photos, text and whatever other embellishments I can think of in it.




Jane said...

Love your craft project. Glad your sledding visitor was okay as well!


John said...

Well done with your craft project - it looks good - look forward to seeing it full of photos. LS xx