Tuesday, 29 June 2010

St. Anne’s and Cleveleys

Caroline suggested last week, when the sun was cracking the flags, that we go to the beach today.  So what was the weather like this morning?  Raining that’s what.  However we’re not easily put off and we went anyway.  So glad we did too because by the time we got there the sun was shining again.

DSC_4418I have to say, it was windy too!  Never the less we braved it out and sat here facing the sea and ate our picnic.

DSC_4423DSC_4425After which we headed into Lytham centre.  There are lots of  really quaint cottages dotted around the town all beautifully kept.  We mooched around the shops a little bit, lots of those too.  It was getting hotter by the minute.  A latte for us and an ice cream for Charlie were needed by this time.  Fortunately it was a very easy task to find a nice coffee shop to sit outside and enjoy a little breather.

DSC_4430Next we drove up the coast through Blackpool to Cleveleys.  Look at the blue sky now.

DSC_4447Cleveleys has improved so much over the last few years.  An awful lot of money must have been spent on it to bring it up to its current standard. 

DSC_4465Caroline striking a pose on the sea front.

We spent time on the beach, Charlie had a great old time getting his shoes and socks wet through in the sea and playing with his bucket and spade.  It was all fun until at the end of the afternoon when we called at McDonald’s at Freeport for a quick bite to eat.  Unfortunately Charlie fell just inside the doorway and smacked his little face into the tiled floor. He burst his nose, you wouldn’t believe the amount of blood that poured from it.  He got a fat lip too.  The staff were so helpful and brought out ice  cubes wrapped in a towel etc.   Poor little chap.  I’ve just spoken to Caroline and he’s back to normal and none the worse for his experience, thank goodness.


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John said...

You looked to have a good time and had brilliant weather to do it all in. Pity about Charlie's accident though, hope he's got over it okay. You definitely wouldn't have had any trouble finding somewhere nice for a latte in Lytham, I think we must have tried everyone of the many cafes (oh dear I can feel another holiday coming on!!). L xxxxx

ellen b said...

Ahh poor Charlie. I'm glad he's all better. Those young ones really snap back fast. You are making me yearn for another trip to Great Britain! It's my favorite place to travel to...
Maybe after the Olympics ...

JEANNE said...

What a delightful day after all. Except for when little Charlie took a face plant on the tile. Poor little thing. Children are very resilient though. I am glad he is ok. The beach looks so welcoming.

Hugs, Jeanne

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Kathleen,

My, I know you stay busy with those little boys..they are just adorable and I'm sure a hand full!!

So sorry about the fall..gosh, that hurts just reading about it...children are so tough..we'd be hospitalized if it were us..LOL

I'm swooning over the photo that is your blog header...is this where you live? Where are you located?? Just absolutely breathtaking.

I'm visiting for Outdoor Wednesday..would love to have you visit me!

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥