Saturday, 26 June 2010


Anybody remember that telly programme That Was The Week That Was?  It must’ve been on telly in the 60s, a weekly review of items in  the news.  Well, this is my TWTWTW.  Starting with today. DSC_4311DSC_4313 DSC_4314

We all went to the park up at the lake.  We’re having spectacular sunny weather just now so of course an ice cream was top priority.  I love these pics. Victoria had forgotten Nicholas’s sunhat, so George has got his daddy’s on and Nicholas has got George’s on. Very cute.  See Charlie in the background? He wouldn’t sit up on the bench with the other two and have his picture taken.

DSC_4310 I feel like a stuck record but like I keep saying the weather is so good just now.  I’ve been taking my early morning cup of tea and book into the garden to read.  Peace and quiet all around except for the birds singing but that’s a sound I could listen to all day long.

The book I’m reading just now “How Green Was My Valley” is one that my sister has read recently and recommended I should read it too.  It was first published in 1939 and in the 60s was adapted for television and Mo and I both remember watching it when we were kids.  So I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it because I know I’m going to love it.

I love clematis but we never seem to have much luck with ours but this week I’ve been thrilled to see flowers on this one in the back garden and of course petunias are some of my all time favourite flowers.


Earlier in the week, John and Lesley, our wonderful friends and neighbours asked William and I to go with them to the lake for an evening stroll and then a cold drink outside the pub facing the lake.  Above you can see how busy it was.  It’s always like this in good weather.  The place is a mecca for bikers and I love to see all the shiny bikes and everybody togged up in their leather gear.  William didn’t come because Gary was coming round to watch the footie with him but  I’m glad I went, I had a lovely evening with two of the nicest people I know.

DSC_4270_edited-1And finally this is what the hat that George had on looks like on the head it fits.

That’s it then, I’m all up to date.



Caroline said...

You'll be able to go up to the lake on the back of Trev's bike soon!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I will be there with my camera if Mother gets on the back of Trev's bike!!
Mum pls wld you send me the photos of the boys they are lovely.
Love Victoria xx

John said...

That was a good week - especially the very short walk and the very long drink(s) at the lake! - xxx

John said...

That was a good week - especially the very short walk and the very long drink(s) at the lake! - xxx

Anonymous said...

Once again I stand in awe. The scenery and the village at Portmerion are outstanding. I definitely want to see it for myself one day. That picture of you Kath holding Charlie made me look twice. I thought it was me. No offense intended. Love Molly