Saturday, 3 July 2010

It’s Victoria’s birthday today…

…and to celebrate she and Gary treated us all to a meal at a local Italian restaurant.DSC_3988 copy The birthday girlDSC_4483and her sister

DSC_4486and with the men.

DSC_4475Studying the menu.DSC_4476 It’s not easy reading all those funny sounding names.DSC_4477In fact judging by these expressions it’s a very serious business.  However everybody made a decision in the end and all enjoyed their choices.

Afterwards we all headed back to our house to sit in the garden for a while.  We ladies enjoyed a Margarita which finished the proceedings off very nicely indeed.

Happy birthday Victoria.,  we love you!



Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for my presents and for joining us for the meal. The garden drinkys finished things off nicely. My earings and necklace look lovely don't they? xxxx

John said...

Please wish Victoria a very happy birthday for us and we hope it was a very very merry one (and yes her prezzies do look lovely!). xxxxxx