Saturday, 12 June 2010

For one reason or another.. didn’t start off too well.  So when my housework was done I packed my book in my bag, put the lead on Muffin, got in the car and set off for Uppermill.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go (after I had taken Muffin for a nice walk along the towpath) to spend some time reading my book and enjoying the peace and quiet of a sunny afternoon.
DSC_4193I wanted to sit on one of these benches and enjoy…

DSC_4181…this view and read my book and…

Rush hour on the the occasional boat tootle along at about 4 miles an hour.  Actually these were the only two I saw, just like buses eh?

I liked the urns and cans on this boat painted in the traditional narrow boat pattern of roses and castles.  I didn’t know until just now that that was what the pattern was called, I looked it up on the internet.  I can’t imagine life without the internet these days.

Anyway, that was my Saturday afternoon and it was lovely.


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Anonymous said...

I am sure you did enjoy your Saturday afternoon out. Who wouldn't like that? I love the narrow boats too. There is a lot on my list for my next visit. Love, Maureen