Sunday, 20 June 2010

One for the album.

Here are the men watching England play Algeria in the World Cup…. Watching England in the World Cup, they were playing Algeria and drew nil - nil!… and George is watching it with them for the first time.  (He was only two the last time the World Cup was played for).  Don’t they look cute in their England shirts? 

George was so excited, I think one of the main reasons was that he got to stay up late.  DSC_4268_edited-1 I knew he wouldn’t last very long watching the match, he’s not really into football yet.  I think he gave it 10 minutes before he came looking to see what I was up to.  We played games together until it was refreshment time at half-time, then more games until it was home time.  He went home a happy little chappy but his daddy and granddad weren‘t quite so happy – England only drew nil nil.  Not a good result!




Caroline said...

Dad looks thrilled on that first photo! x

Anonymous said...

They all look like butter wouldn't melt!!! We know the truth though xxx Love Victoria xxx