Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tuesday in Cleveleys

It still being school holidays Caroline suggested a day at the beach for one day this week so Tuesday it was.  No menfolk with us, they were all at work.  Caroline planned the day around her days off.

We had taken a picnic with us and ate that straight away when we got there then it was walking, running, bike riding, and scooting along the prom.



And of course standing too close to the water’s edge so that your feet get soaked!  Some things never change.  We’ve all had fun doing this haven’t we?  I love that the Max (their little dog) is right there in the middle of it with them.


Our days out at Cleveleys always include a walk along the prom and a drink and/or ice cream from the round cafe at the far end in front of which is this fountain play area.  The boys will have lots of fun here one of these days if we can only make it on a day when the sun is cracking the flags and they can strip off and play in it.


Tuesday was definitely not a stripping off day but the ice cream was good anyway.


Play time on the beach.  Caroline and Charlie drawing in the sand with their feet. 



George and Nicholas still chancing it at the water’s edge.


Charlie all togged up with his Chima cape on and ever present sword at his side.  See it protruding below his cape?    A gun or sword is a constant in Charlie’s world.  I wonder when he’ll get fed up of them?  I can’t imagine it being any time soon.


Max has just as much fun as the boys on the sand.


Talking about dogs, there are usually two others with us.  Harley, Caroline’s dog was at home resting a pulled shoulder muscle and our little dog, Muffin, was at home just resting – he doesn’t go in for long walks anymore.

It was a fun day.  No theme parks, no amusement arcades, no rain (thank goodness) - just fresh air and a beach.



Victoria said...

George looks rather large on your knee!! Nicholas is also in the water rather than avoiding it. xx

Anita Johnson said...

This looks like a perfectly lovely outing to me!

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

What a wonderful adventure! I always enjoy your posts and pictures. I love the sword sticking out from the cape! ;-)