Monday, 22 April 2013

A Birthday, High Winds and Queenie.

Time seemed to slip away from me last week and before I knew it the week had gone.  So I’m doing a bit of back tracking here.


Wednesday morning I got a lovely surprise.  Caroline called before work to leave Nicholas’s birthday present with me and presented me with a couple of bunches of beautiful tulips.  How sweet was that?


Wednesday was Nicholas’s sixth birthday.  I collected Charlie from school and then we both went along to Nicholas’s birthday party at his house.  This is the best picture I got of him.  I like it though.  All Three Little Treasures together and looking at the camera!!

Thursday wasn’t so good. We had been having really high winds over the previous few days and I know William had been worrying about the awning we had erected on the caravan only the previous Saturday.  His worries were well founded.  Thursday lunch time I got a phone call from Bay View.  “The high winds have taken the back of your awning down.  Would you like to come up and take the rest of it down to prevent further damage”.

I rang William at work.  He was able to get the afternoon off and we flew up the motorway at a rate of knots.  Fortunately for us the damage was minimal and the awning will be fine to re-erect and use the rest of the season.  It was hard work taking it down though.  The winds were whipping up a storm and the clouds threatened us with rain every inch of the way.  But we managed it and were thankful the damage was so little.


Not everybody had been so lucky.  We took a walk around the site to see how others had fared.  The owners of this awning, above, will find all they have left is a heap of rubbish!


This caravan awning had obviously suffered a similar fate and all that was left was the “skirt”.  We spoke to one of the site workers and he told us that in all 24 awnings had been badly hit.


There in the middle another casualty. 


This picture was taken just about ten minutes after we had finished working on the awning.  You can see the storm didn’t materialise.  The sky had miraculously turned blue and any clouds were now white and fluffy.


One last check over of the caravan itself and we were done. 

In view of the horrendous happenings in the world this week our little problem was not a problem.  My heart goes out to the people who have been affected by the Boston Bombings, the tragedy in the town of West, Texas and the earthquake in China.  Sadly the list could go on and on.


For us the week got better.  Friday night George stayed overnight with us.  He likes to play cards, as do I, and I had promised to teach him a new game.  The new game being Queenie, or Chase The Lady as it’s sometimes called.  Granddad played too and what’s more we played for money.  I have a purse full of Euro coins left over from past holidays abroad and we used them.  I wasn’t teaching him to gamble with real money here, rather just making the game a little bit more interesting.  I have lots of happy memories of playing this game from when I was George’s age and on through adulthood too.


Saturday morning as per usual George wanted pancakes for breakfast.  He didn’t want this one though.  I seem to have a talent for burning food.  I do like to eat most food well done but not pancakes.  This one went in the dog!



Anita Johnson said...

I burn toast if that makes you feel better. Your grandkids are so cute, how fun to have them close! I'm glad the wind didn't do anymore damage than it did, we have had some very windy days here too, and finally no wind chill with it! You live in such a beautiful to take a look thru blogging! Happy Weekend!

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

I call my grandchildren my treasures also! Sounds like you love making special memories with them too...