Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Walk on Wednesday.

Wednesday I had both George and Charlie to keep me company.  The weather was quite mild for a change and both boys wanted to go outside. 


George loves to jump the stream that runs at the back of our house.  So we didn’t have to go far from home.


What child wouldn’t enjoy doing this?


I can remember doing this with my cousin, Sylvia, in the woods across from where she lived when we were about George’s age.  Happy memories.


Following the stream jumping we took a walk through the fields.   Well, I walked and they ran.


Along the way we came across this friendly little pony.


George wanted to know was it a boy or a girl.  He took a look. “It’s a boy, nan”.


Four year old Charlie, with no idea whatsoever he was looking for bent down too, took a look and echoed,  “It’s a boy, nan”.   I had a little chuckle over that.


Further on a helping hand was offered.


After all the excitement Charlie needed to sit down!

Just a little walk in the neighbourhood but a big Simple Pleasure!


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Auntie Helen said...

Love this post !!! Brought back so many happy memories of brook jumping as a child.