Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bay View and Black Sheep.

Bright and early Saturday morning William and I headed once more up the motorway to Bay View.  Trev and Charlie were waiting for us when we arrived.


The main  business of the day was to get the awning back up.  After I had helped as much as I could with it and wasn’t needed anymore I took Charlie off to the play area and left the men to it.


Our caravan is one of those little white blobs up there on the horizon.


It was way past lunchtime and Charlie was getting hungry so I found him something to snack on while the men put the finishing touches to the awning.


A family of black sheep.  Don’t see that very often.  One or two yes, but I’ve never seen a field with solely black sheep in it before.


A clear day for once and the hills and mountains of Cumbria were clearly visible.

Trev and Charlie didn’t stay the night.  Caroline had been working all day and was at home waiting for their return.  The evening turned cold, very windy and wet.  No surprise there.    We wondered about the wisdom of re-erecting the awning but it was still standing in the morning – thank goodness!

On Sunday Victoria, Gary and the boys came up to visit but unfortunately the weather had gone back to normal – cold, windy and raining.   So their visit was only a short one.  They had a bite to eat with us, a quick walk around the site, and then a hot drink before it was back in the car and home again.  I carried my camera about with me but for some reason didn’t get a single pic of them.  It must’ve been the rain putting me off.  Drizzle all over the lens doesn’t make for a good picture does it?

Until next time.


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Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

That looks like so much fun despite the rain! I remember reading a book by Rosamunde Pilcher where she talks about the caravans...can't remember the name of it. Always enjoy your blog!