Friday, 5 April 2013

There’s a First Time for Everything.

And yesterday for the first time ever I went to the pictures all by myself.  


I fancied seeing Song For Marion and there was nobody available to come with me so rather than miss it I went anyway.  The film was showing at the little old fashioned picture house in Hebden Bridge I mentioned in this post.   On a Thursday morning the Cinema is open for Elevenses.   The film starts at eleven and in with the price of your ticket you get a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit which you’re allowed to take into the theatre and enjoy while you watch the film.  How civilised is that?  That really is the attraction for me.  The time of day it’s shown, the reduced ticket price and the fact that it’s an old fashioned picture house and not a plush multiplex affair. 

As for the film – it was an easy going kind of affair, a bit of a tearjerker but it probably won’t win any awards or break any records at the box office.  Having said that, the picture house was practically full so what do I know?


A beautiful day it was yesterday so after the pictures I toddled along to my favourite cafe, ordered my usual, grabbed The Times and took it outside to sit and read and eat in brilliant sunshine.   It was a bit cool and my tea and toasted teacake soon went cold but that didn’t matter because it was sunny and when I looked up the sky was blue and not grey!


I was fascinated to see on the front page “Learn to knit in 10 minutes”.  Knitting is definitely a popular pastime these days.  Blogland is full of knitting blogs and they’re mainly young bloggers too.  It’s all to the good, I’m glad the art of knitting is not going to be a lost art.


Talking about which here is my latest project on the needles.  Another pair of socks and I’m knitting them on the tiniest pair of circular needles ever.  They only measure 20cm from tip to tip!  Aren’t they cute?


Sticking with the daily paper this headline caught my eye last week.  It was good news on the front page!  How amazing is that?  And what good news it was too.  I hope it comes to fruition.


After a morning of leisure yesterday it was on with real life and on to the supermarket.  A ray of sunshine while doing the shopping was this hyacinth indoor plant I bought for only 50p.  That was a bargain I couldn’t walk away from.


And finally what I’m hoping is the last snowy picture I’ll be posting this year.  This was taken just a week ago when I picked Charlie up from school.  The snow was piled high in the library car park to clear the area a little for cars and Charlie took great delight in clambering all over it.

William and I are off to Bay View tomorrow afternoon and staying overnight.  Fingers crossed we don’t freeze to death in the process!


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