Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side

The wild side of our local lake that is.  Here in my neck of the woods we are enjoying (or maybe enduring depending on your point of view) a cold snap in the weather just now. 


Yesterday afternoon a couple of friends and I arranged to meet for a walk round the lake and a coffee and natter afterwards.  Boy, was that hot drink welcome at the end of that walk.  Believe me, it was freezing out there.  I thought my ears were going to drop off!


There they are above.  Poor Diane has had surgery on her foot and is temporarily using a walking stick.  Vanessa joked that we were not unlike the characters in the telly programme, The Last of the Summer Wine.


Thinking about that remark reminded of this photo of William taken on a rather steep uphill walk at Bolton Abbey a couple of years ago.  Now I'd say he was a dead ringer for Compo wouldn't you?


On another note I was in Hebden Bridge on Tuesday and noticed this display of needlecraft books in a bookshop window.  See the little lilac book, "Keep Calm and Cast On".  That's exactly what I'm itching to do.  I'm desperate to learn how to crochet and...

SN0152_project_medium2 Photo from

... then I can whip up a granny squares blanket like this one!!!  There's nothing like positive thinking.  I'm off now to search the internet for the necessary goodies.

Until next time.



1 comment:

Debbie said...

It might have been cold, but didn't the water look beautiful?

I like your positive thinking. A granny square is the ONLY (really, the ONLY) thing I can do as far as knitting or crocheting is concerned. Sad, isn't it?