Friday, 10 February 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 4

Well, here it is, Friday again and that means a round up of the week according to my iPhone and Instagram.


  1. Rarely do we get a Sunday newspaper anymore. However, William went out for one last Sunday and mid-morning we sat down together with a cup of tea and trawled through it.  Sunday papers are content heavy aren't they?  It can take me nearly a full week to get to the end of one!  As a point of interest - see the smaller headline in the top left hand corner.  It's pointing out an article on bloggers.   It's not unusual anymore is it, to be a blogger?
  2. A photo from that same paper.  The building is the 17th century Tan Hill Inn way up on top of the Yorkshire Moors.  Those lights are the Northern Lights!  I had no idea they could be seen from anywhere in Great Britain.  This spectacular photo was captured by a press photographer last week and has been reproduced around the world.  Apparently stargazers have been up there every night since hoping the phenomenon will recur.  Now that is one sight I would love to see!
  3. Monday morning I collected Charlie from Nursery School.  This is the glorious view, looking over to the Pennines, from his school.
  4. Wednesday and the wool I had ordered to begin my new obsession, crochet, arrived.  After watching several Youtube tutorials I made a start that night.
  5. Midweek William surprised me with a little pressie.  A pretty mini azalea in full bloom.
  6. Thursday night my first crochet hat almost completed.
  7. I had an appointment at the optician's this morning.  While waiting the 20 minutes or so for the eye drops to dilate my pupils I wandered over the road to the Coach House Visitor Centre but it was closed.  However the Greek restaurant within the Coach House building was open and the owner spotted me hanging around.  He kindly invited me to take a seat in his restaurant and read a magazine or something while I waited.  Now wasn't that nice and friendly?
  8. Charlie happily scoffing an ice cream this affy at the Lake Visitor Centre.  That little chap loves his ice cream!
  9. Et voila!  My first ever crocheted anything, completed this evening.  My daughter, Caroline, is going to look just lovely in this little creation.



E. Charlotte said...

I really like these Photo Fridays! I use Instagram on my iphone too and I just love the pics that I accumulate at the end of the week. Very cool!

Gen said...

I love the crocheted lovely! I have been doing a little crocheting lately also which I have not done in quite some time. It is a wall hanging of our family name done in fillet crochet. I will post when completed.