Friday, 27 January 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 2

Well, it's Friday again and like last week I'm here with a roundup of this week's iPhone pics.


  1. In an unplanned trip to Manchester's Arndale Centre last Saturday with Caroline, Trev and Charlie I spotted a Waterstone's bookshop.  And inside it I spotted Pioneer Woman's book!  I didn't expect to see that in a UK bookshop.  In blogland Pioneer Woman is huge and I even have one of her cookbooks which I posted about here in 2009.
  2. The Arndale Centre isn't a place I ever shop so some of the names were new to me.  Hotel Chocolat being one  in particular.  I was mesmerized by it's classy displays.  It's got to be a chocoholic's paradise!
  3. I am familiar with Apple and was happy to see one if its stores on Saturday.  I popped inside and had a word with a sales assistant.  I wanted to make sure that Face Time is free UK-USA just as it is within the the UK.  Happily it is.  I want my sister in Arkansas to get an iPhone now so we can chat face to face and knowing that it's free I'm hopeful she'll be getting one soon.
  4. My lovely cousin, Sylvia, and her equally lovely twin daughters came over to visit on Sunday.  Sylvia brought me a little gift.  A  china teacup and saucer, (made in England) that holds a fragranced candle.  Very pretty, thank you, Syl!
  5. I collected George and Nicholas from school on Tuesday because their mum wasn't well.  They were both so happy to see me.  I must make a point of doing that more often.
  6. A self portrait.  Don't know what to say about that.
  7. Nicholas stayed for tea last night while George was at football practice.  We played "Hide the Thimble".  He was as good as gold.
  8. "Curious Case of the Vanishing Killer" was a headline in the paper today.  Deaths from heart disease have dropped remarkably in the UK in the last decade!  Good news for once - but it didn't make the front page.  It was tucked away inside somewhere.  Shame isn't it?  You'd think that good news like that would be welcome on the front page once in a while.
  9. And finally, we've got snow.  Picture taken with a new little App on my iPhone.  Fisheye lens, it was free and it's fun.

And that's it for now.


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elizabeth said...

My Hubs and I just got Iphones and we're both loving them and wondering why we waited so long!
Thanks so much for you kind comment on my blog post about my gray shelf makeover.