Saturday, 4 February 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 3

I know it's Saturday, but better late than never.  Time is flying by.  A week seems to take no time at all.  And I can't believe we are already in February!


  1. George, my 8 year old grandson, stayed for tea on Monday night.
  2. Didn't feel so good yesterday so I got me some reading matter, a cup of tea and took it easy for most of the day.
  3. The weather has been cold, bright and sunny this week.  I took this photo in the living room yesterday when the sun was streaming in through the window and brightening my otherwise yucky day.
  4. One of my favourite houseplants, a miniature orchid.  I'm waiting patiently for it to bloom again.  Also, one of my favourite little things, a little Cardinal of Love glass bird.  Handmade and also purchased in Arkansas, USA.
  5. My all-time favourite little clock.
  6. A Fish Eye Lens pic of framed pics.  I really quite like that little App.
  7. Charlie had a sleepover here last night.  He was so excited and thrilled to be staying with us.  Although he has slept here several times before, it must have been awhile and we've never called it a sleepover before.  The whole thing really floated his boat!
  8. A screenshot of the weather App on my phone.  Just like the picture suggests it is snowing hard outside!
  9. A photo of my dear mother taken a long time ago.  The old ceramic figure of a drunken Scotsman clinging onto a lamppost belonged to my mother.  It's musical and plays the old song, "I Belong to Glasgow". 

Another photo that brings back happy memories.  My mother was born in Cleveleys and loved it.  She also loved the neighbouring towns along the coast.  In fact, I don't think she was ever happier than when she was back there by the sea.  This photo was taken over at Knott End on Sea.  Mother, my two girls, then only little, and I had gone over on the ferry from Fleetwood.  We were staying for the weekend in a Bed & Breakfast just off the prom in Fleetwood.  We had a lovely time together just tootling around and taking in that fresh sea air.  Happy times.



Victoria said...

Do you remember Grandma waking up to me upside down in the bed, with my arms and legs everywhere??

Anita Johnson said...

Yes, very happy times captured here. We had a sleepover with our new grandson this weekend...pure joy. We have had a warm sunny week too, I love it. I might have to check out these apps...your photos are wonderful!

Debbie said...

Every time I see one of you mosiac photo shots for the week, I think that I really want to do that, to just capture snap shots of my week and put it all together.

My favorite of yours this week is the photo of your mom by the sea and the story that it evoked to go along with it. I loved that.