Sunday, 12 February 2012

Elslack and Skipton

Oh, the delights of our good old English weather.  Foggy and damp is what we were dealt today.


Even so, weather notwithstanding, William and I set out for the Yorkshire countryside this morning.  Unfortunately it was mostly hidden from us.  Imagine this scene on a clear day though, believe me, it would be stunning.


In particular we were headed to the Tempest Arms in Elslack.  I had read about it being a cosy pub with no less than three open fires to keep its customers comfy on a winter's day.  Hence the pile of logs in the porch as we entered the pub.


Whilst lots of pubs up and down the country are closing in this dour economic climate the 17th century Tempest Arms is packing 'em in.  It was full to the brim when we got there at lunch time.  Seems like everybody else in the land wanted to sample some of that cosiness and they all got there before we did!  So, we had a quick look around inside, liked what we saw and promised ourselves that we would go back another time, probably midweek when it's likely to be less busy.


From the Tempest Arms we drove through picture postcard pretty winding country lanes and ended up in Skipton, a bustling old market town.  We were hungry by now and found somewhere a bit different for a bite to eat.


The Russian Tea Room is new in town, it only opened its doors on the 1st February.  William's face is saying, ok put the camera away, let's eat!


It's definitely different.  The staff are all togged out in Russian national dress and were very pleasant and friendly.  This lady was the "meeter and greeter" and was doing a great job.  She was proud to inform us they stock 159 different kinds of tea!

The cafe was busy but we found a table and the food was good.  I tried one of their teas, Russian Caravan, it was good too.


Plenty of Matryoshka dolls...


... and the more expensive, ornate Faberge style Easter eggs for sale. 


After lunch we strolled down one side of the main shopping street and up the other side ending at Holy Trinity Church.


Dating back to the 13th century and dominating the High Street, this is a beautiful church and it seems to me that the door is always open to visitors and parishioners alike. 

All in all, even taking into account the lousy weather, we had a lovely day.



Barb said...

Hello Kathleen,
Thank you for sharing your lovely day. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Anita Johnson said...

I feel like I have been on a bit of vacation this morning...lovely photos!

Debbie said...

I can only imagine sitting in an old English pub with three kindling fires on a cold and damp day. To me, it sounds like a cozy piece of paradise. I would also enjoy the rest of your field trip. The Russian Tea room looks wonderful, and I love love love to visit churhes. I love the ornate and beautiful ones and quaint and quiet ones alike. Just love them.

I'm late to this since I have to use a borrowed computer and borrowed time. Sigh... whine...