Friday, 17 February 2012

Towneley Park

DSC_4448_edited-2bPhoto edited with Pioneer Woman's Vintage Action.

Caroline, Charlie and I spent a good couple of hours in Towneley Park over lunch time today. 

DSC_4449bPhoto edited with Pioneer Woman's Lovely & Ethereal Action.

We did a lot of walking in the park and sat for a little while outside the cafe with a hot drink.  The weather wasn't exactly brilliant but at least it was dry for the most part. 


It's been like that all week, not brilliant, which is typical when all the schools are out for half term break and a bit of good weather would've been much appreciated by a lot of families.  Hardy northerners that we are though a little bit of inclement weather doesn't keep us indoors!


This little fellow was having fun no matter what the weather was like.  It was a pleasure to see the little snowdrops of the flowery kind on the right of these two pics.  Maybe spring is just around the corner.


And there was an extra special reason to be having fun today.  Charlie got a furry friend this week.


Meet Harley.  He's a seven month old Border Collie/Labrador cross and has been adopted by Charlie's family because his original family weren't able to keep him.  Harley is very sweet natured and docile. He's playful but not too boisterous that three year old Charlie has anything to worry about.

There's a little story with Harley's name.  He came to Charlie's family with the name Charlie. Yeah, bit of a problem there!  He needed to be renamed but the new name had to be similar sounding so as not to confuse the dog.  Trev, Charlie's daddy, is into motorbikes so I suggested Harley, as in Harley Davidson.  So Harley it is.  Good, eh?


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Lovely pictures. xx