Saturday, 25 February 2012

iPhone Photo Friday 5

OK, I know it's not Friday but better late than never is what I always say.  So, here's my round up of Instagram photos from the last week or so.

iPhoneCube5 copy

  1. On a recent trip to Starbucks this mug caught my eye.  For some reason I find the Starbucks logo very appealing and I thought this one was rather lovely.  It came home with me.
  2. Charlie playing "emergencies" with his fire department truck.  All three of my little grandsons love playing "emergencies". The only problem being, I'm the one in the game who has to think up all these pretend emergencies.  Believe me, it's no easy task.
  3. Muffin got his hair cut last week.  He's now only the half the size he was.
  4. If we had a little girl in the house I would've bought this little doll I spotted in a charity shop recently.  She had lots of hand knitted outfits and blankets.  I would've loved changing her in and out of all those sweet tiny cardigans and leggings when I was a little girl.  there used to be a wool shop not too far from where we lived.  In the window there was always a doll dressed in different hand knitted clothes.  I wanted that doll with its whole wardrobe of clothes with every ounce of my being.   I was probably about ten or eleven years old at the time, too old for dolls, but I wanted it anyway!
  5. On a shopping trip to John Lewis with William last Sunday we popped in their cafe for a light lunch.  I had a cream tea.  It made me yearn for Easter to arrive and our first holiday of the year in Devon.
  6. Found this cute little cake stand in John Lewis.  It came home with me.
  7. Saw this lovely Cath Kidston iPhone case in John Lewis.  It came home with me.
  8. I'm getting to grips with this crochet business.  I completed another hat this week.  Victoria took this one home with her.
  9. A special photo.  Special to me because it's all my family taken last March on a day out together at Castle Hill in Yorkshire.

See how I've written would've up there?  The first time I saw "would have" abbreviated that way was in Barack Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father.  I thought if he writes it that way then so can I.  I don't know if I like it though.  In fact I don't think I do.  Just thought I'd mention it.




Nancy said...

It looks to me like you had a great week...Love the collage....

Anonymous said...

I am up to date with you again. Love everything. I would've liked that doll too. It really looks like one I had a LONG time ago. Keep 'em coming Pet.Love Moll