Sunday, 8 January 2012

Worsthorne and Hurstwood.

The plan today was to take a hike.  IMG_0295b

In particular, this little hike.


Which I came across in this recently purchased little book.

So, William and I got our act together and even though it was raining, drove the 30 minutes or so to Worsthorne.   Ever the optimist, I was sure the rain would stop before we got there and that we would, as promised in the guide book, be able to drink in the "sweeping views of hauntingly beautiful countryside".


I was wrong, it didn't stop.  We got to the start of the hike and looked out across the field and the "gentle ascents" that would lead us up to Hurstwood Reservoir.  The hilltops were shrouded in very low lying mists.  It didn't look like we were going to see much of that "hauntingly beautiful countryside" today.   


So we beat a slow retreat and decided instead to explore the village of Worsthorne.  (He loves that hat.  Me, not so much).


I have to say Worsthorne is a pretty village, unfortunately today it was a pretty smelly one.  One of those "healthy" country smells was in the air.


I think the farmer and his bovine friends had been doing a bit of team work.


Lots of quaint cottages.



This charmingly named Foxglove Cottage is for sale.  I looked it up when we got home.  If you fancy a nosy here's the link to the estate agent selling it.  Although pretty inside at £169,950 it's not cheap!


I love the rolling green hills and dales and dry stone walls of our beautiful English countryside.  I just wish the rain would stop for a while so that we could enjoy it!



Victoria said...

I love my Father but the hat has got to go. Maybe it could have a little accident, I could accidentally run it over? Just a thought. xxx

Anita Johnson said...

What a beautiful place even without the sweeping views. I love brochures like that...more than once "gentle ascents" had me huffing and puffing. Always enkoy traveling with you!