Tuesday, 13 September 2011

West Bay, Dorset

Another post on our August summer holiday in Devon.  During the fortnight we spent in Devon last month Caroline introduced William and I to another new place to visit, West Bay in Dorset.  I loved West Bay so much that we went right back for another visit the day after.


There's something for everybody at West Bay - beautiful pebbly beaches, I love the crunchy sound when you walk on them; cliff top walks for the energetic giving awesome sea views..


Boats for the nautically minded. 

Old and new property sits side by side in West Bay.  The apartments seen here are in a great location.  A ground floor one had a For Sale sign in the window.  I rang the number out of sheer curiousity to find out the price.  How much do you think?  I'll tell you, it was £335,000.  Whether that's a bargain or not I wouldn't know.


Lots of places to eat.  There are several take-away food bars like this one.  Also there are some rather nice coffee shops and restaurants.   The coffee shop we particularly liked was Ellipse facing the sea.


Plenty of ice cream to be found for this cheeky little chappy.  Charlie Chops is passionate about ice cream, I think he inherited that little trait from me.


Father, daughter and grandson posing on the prom.  We had a lovely walk up and down and all around this pretty little seaside town.


Fancy messing about on the river?  West Bay has that on offer too.


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Victoria said...

Those are lovely photos and especially of Charlie. I need the one of him on his own to replace the old one I have of him on my fridge please? xxx